Three Weeks

Till I can work out! Oh and three weeks since my operation, too!

I'm doing well, sorry I haven't updated much.  Not a ton to say, I'm healing up pretty nicely, I'm a bit less swollen, and I feel totally fine and pain free.

My incision isn't completely healed which is a slight concern, but apparently somewhat normal with us semi-protein-deficient bandsters. It's not great, but I'm hoping it's getting better, it's hard to tell from the outside as this kind of wound heals from the inside out.

I'm struggling a bit with having absolutely NO restriction and not being able to exercise. I haven't really gained weight, I was at 155lbs this morning, which is where I've been forever. I know it'll come off when I start exercising and getting fills again, so it's not the results I'm concerned about, just the process.

I just LOVE to exercise (who is this girl!? what did she do with old Angie?!) and miss it. I miss feeling physically tired. I miss feeling the great endorphin rush after a spin class. I miss feeling accomplished when I master a hard dance routine. I MISS EXERCISE!

I also miss having a lap-band. I am not good at le dieting. I know I could count calories or protein grams but that has never made me feel good about myself, my process, or to be perfectly honest, worked.  I am not gaining, I'm not losing, and other than feeling lazy, I'm fine.  I just want the next three weeks to pass quickly.  Back to Vermont on Friday, classes Monday... Hopefully it won't feel too long!


amandakiska said...

Can you do anything like short walks or pedal a stationary bike? I'd go nuts if I couldn't work out.

Still since you are neither gaining nor losing, you are apparently doing just fine food-wise so try not to worry too much. Get lots of rest and try to enjoy your break!

Catherine55 said...

Those three weeks will sail by before you know it, and you and your flat tummy will be whooping it up in the gym once again! Can't wait to see some more progress photos and am glad you are holding fast weight-wise! Nice work, lady.

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This is me now... at 160!
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