Jacquie said...

As cute as eva! I think its a good sign that you are aware of things you are doing differently and not liking the outcome. Exercise is such a huge part of your life and I am certain that once you get the green light to start that again, the eating part will naturally fall into place. Once you get your fill back, there will be no stopping you Girl!

Bandita Senorita said...

Once you get the fill, you will be knocking off the pounds. And once you get to exercise, you will feel much better. In the meantime, you look great!!! I'm glad the semester is starting off well.

jennyr1222 said...

I love you Ang. You're beautiful and amazing! Here's the deal sister. You were so active before - like "who is this person that has invaded my body active"...right? So, clearly once you're able to get back to that level you'll feel better and the weight will come off. I know that you know that, and understand that it still sucks. The most important thing is that you're upping your awareness. That's what I've found lately. I'm up still pounds wise, but the difference between the Jen of before and the one now is that I stop to think about what's going in my mouth. If I want it, I'll eat it, but in moderation (to the best of my ability). I don't always win the battle, but at least I recognize when I'm losing it. Hope that makes sense... Keep trucking and have fun. Remember where you were. 270! And look at you now. Amazing! Love you!

Amy W. said...

CRAP! I cant see your damn vlog. All I can see is a white box. Why does your blog hate me :( I will keep checkin back.

Nicole said...

so good to hear your voice! Don't fret, as soon as you can excercise and get fill you will be fine! I feel like awful if I skip a week at the gym..remember your still recovering from a serious surgery..I <3 you!! xo

Joey said...

Right? Exercise keeps depression at bay. You'll feel like your old self again!

I adore you!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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