Happy Holidays and...

A major update, and an overdue one, I'll admit!
I am doing very well, have been out and about since I hit the one week mark, and am excited to be feeling more energetic every day.

I had my one week appointment on Tuesday, had my staples removed (a bit of an ouch!) and saw the doctor. Although the nurse who I first saw mentioned she thought I was very swollen (I am) he didn't want to admit that, seemed to think it was just fine, and was his usual annoying self. He's just so smug. Bah. It's hard to describe how... he makes me feel a bit like an idiot for wanting to ask questions. Luckily his support staff are lovely and really knowledgeable, and he did do a great job at his primary role - cutting me open and sewing me back up.

I am really swollen. Swell-hell, they call it. It's not too bad at the beginning of the day, after I've been laying down, but once I'm been out and about for a while, my stomach gets so big. I'm ok with it. I look pregnant. For real. Adorably so, apparently.

The scene - the bathroom at House of Chan, home to every Jewish family I know on Christmas Eve.

We see Angie, adjusting her tank top and leggings under her cardigan, trying to make them lay flat.
Enter hugely pregnant woman and her mother.
Preggo: "Aww hon, if you think it's hard dealing with that, just wait till you look like me"
Her Mom: "But you're so cute - you're carrying like a little basketball belly"
Preggo: "When are you due? April, May?"
Me, stammering: "Umm... Thank you. Yes. End of April." and I booked it upstairs.


It doesn't bother me though. Honestly. I know this is part of the process, and the outfit I am wearing didn't really help. It'll go down, I already see some progress since I started massaging the tummy till it hurts 3x a day with Arnica gel. I took some updated pics, as well as me and my baby bump ;)

Front view - you can see the whole scar here, and where it sits. Kind of high, the surgeon agreed, but explained that for the way my skin was hanging/where from, it was what he had to do. I'm not too fussed.  The bruising is fading, you can see the left side is WAY worse than my right, it's also more swollen.

Side view. Not too pregnant right now, haha, and to me really a satisfying difference. I still can't get over not having the roll below my belly-button.

Close-up - how funny is my belly button to be! Not sure if you can see there are two sort of dents on their side of my belly button, the one my left isn't quite as bad because I'm swollen I think. I've been doing my best to massage them though and I think I already see an improvement.

This was just now - between being full (like no fill in the band full!) from Chinese food, PMS and Swell-Hell, I have a hysterical 5-month pregnancy!


Jacquie said...

You are doing great Angie! Thank you for the update!

jennyr1222 said...

So glad that you're feeling okay!! I had someone ask me when I was due once (my former hairdresser) and it was just because I was fat. You have an amazing reason! Love you!

Lee Ann said...

Glad to see your surgeon didn't remove your sense of humor when he removed all that extra skin & whatever else! Congratulations on your "baby" & thanks for the update. If it's any consolation, I had a baby in May (I'm not banded yet) and my neighbor a few houses down saw me holding my new baby over the summer and said, "What??! You were pregnant? You didn't even look it!" Hmmm so, let me translate that for you. I was so big that when she saw me in my ninth month of pregnancy, she couldn't even tell......Is that supposed to be a compliment? He weighed over 9 pounds at birth....LOL

Nicole said...

oh my god angie..this cracks me up. You are nice than I am..I would have wiped up my shirt and said no not pregnant just abdominal surgery :) Love you! Hope the swell hell stops soon xo

Band-Babe said...

Par for the course. You're hilarious, though. I wish I had the guts to say something like that! It takes patience and time with the swelling, but it will be so worth it. I'm so happy for you!!!

headin_to_mxico said...

LOL LOL That was so funny! Not the owchie swollen part. But the due in April part. I laughed out loud

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

Wow - despite the pg swelling - I think you look great! I laughed out loud reading your entry - omg - the poor lady in the restroom still thinks she bonded with another pg woman. I think once the swelling goes down and you heal more - your bellybutton is going to be fantastic looking! I know that's one of the hardest things for surgeons to get right. But you really don't have any bump at all under your belly button. You are going to have a hot body! I'm really glad you're healing so well and doing so well!

Shaggs said...

Do you know if its a boy or girl? Arnica is a nice name either way?? Loving your blog girl keep on keeping us posted!

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This is me now... at 160!
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