Questions for Tummy Tuck Consultation -I need your help!

Hi guys! When I had my first tummy tuck consult last year, it was more about finding out what was possible, the more general and less practical questions. Now that I'm having surgery in less than a month, I want to ask the real specific questions. Here is the list I have so far - can anyone think of any other ones? I'll take notes and be sure to share the answers.

Questions for Dr. Lista at second consultation

  • When will I be wearing jeans again?
  • How many sizes do most people go down?
  • How long before I can exercise?
  • Spin?
  • Dance?
  • Elliptical?
  • Abs?
  • When will I start to see results?
  • When will all the swelling be done?
  • Do I want/need to include liposuction?
  • How many lbs of skin/fat would you expect to come off?
  • Would it be possible, if I put the work in, to get a six-pack?
Thanks in advance, loves!


Kristen said...

Ok just to reiterate the one's I just told you:

1) how long before you can engage in sexual activites (duhhhh)

2) how long before you can resume your normal diet

I think that was all I came up with, right? I can't wait to hear ALL about it! xoxo

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Hey Kristen, I had a tummy tuck 15 yrs ago when I had lost a significant amount of weight on one of my many yoyo diets. It was done outpatient, the pain was simular to lapband surgery, gas etc. I couldn't eat more than mushies for a week, afterwards I was fine.

One thing I would definately recommend is the lipo at the same time. My surgeon also tighened up my tummy muscles with stiches. No matter how much weight I gained afterwards during my yo-yo years, I never gained back the fat where it was removed by lipo. I had a huge ass but my tummy stayed pretty flat. You will never regain fat in that area once those fat cells are removed, so YES! DO THE LIPO!

amandakiska said...

How long can you expect to have drains in?

Drazil said...

Most people wear sweatpants for a good two months out of surgery. Many people only lose one size if any. Most good surgeons make you take 6-8 weeks off after surgery to prevent stitches from tearing. If your PS does it right - you'll never need to exercise your abs again...mine are so tight I physically cannot. Again - a good PS includes lipo in the cost for contouring purposes. I even got lipo for contouring after for free. Lbs of fat...doesn't matter - you'll gain weight from the swelling in the beginning. I only had a mini tuck and I can still swell 2 years out. In all my research and belonging to a tummy tuck message board - I've rarely seen a 6 pack...flat abs yes. 6 Especially if you've had kids which I assume you haven't. It can get discouraging and most surgeons downplay the swelling and healing. I've had two births - one natural with no meds and one c-sec. BOTH were 50x easier than the TT. Good luck. Keep your expectations realistic or you'll be disappointed. Do your research too - it helps.

Sherry said...

Hey Angie, good luck with your consult! One thing I would ask is about muscle separation repair. I don't think all PS do it automatically. Most women, if they've had kids, have muscle separation but like you, I carried virtually all of my excess weight in my stomach BEFORE having kids and was pretty convinced I already had muscle separation. Just check on that. Sounds exciting!

Linda said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes. I'm really interested in seeing someone who lost about the same amount as me who has gotten one. Although you have a young, no baby having stomach - so maybe there's no comparison.
I hope it goes well!

Anonymous said...

How many drains will you have? At what level/cc will he remove the drains?

What kind of sutures will you have and will they have to be removed?

Will he sew in your obliques in addition to the rectus abdominal muscles?

How long will you be expected to wear the compression garment? How long will you need to wear the secondary compression garment? (you should wear this at least as long or longer than they tell you for best results)

Can you get your prescriptions before surgery to get them filled?

Medications and supplements that you should stop taking prior to surgery?

Does he flex the abdomen when he is tightening the muscles and skin? You get a better result that way

You should also take a bikini in the day of surgery so you can tell him where you want your scar to fall, they can place it higher or lower depending on where you want it.

Ask how he relocated the umbilicus and how long it will need to be packed, what is the aftercare for that.

Remember a tummy tuck removes skin not the subcutaneous layer of fat, so it's more about inches of skin they are able to remove. Most plastic surgeons will charge extra for lipo but it is a great idea to do it at the time of your surgery. You will be in so much pain from the tummy tuck you won't even notice the lipo pain.

Hope this helps.

Drazil said...

Some docs don't do drains or compression garments but the majority do. Also - how long before you can shower? And how often will you see him for aftercare. I saw my doc over 20 times the first year. Sometimes once a week and often a procedure was done. All included in the price.

workinprogress said...

Have you discovered Band Babe? She had a tummy tuck a couple of months ago and blogged about it

Band-Babe said...

These are all really good questions! I hope this isn't too personal, but if you plan on being pregnant... is it ok after a TT? My stomach feels so tight, I couldn't imagine a pregnancy. It might be no problem, I honestly don't know.

I was in tons more pain than after lapband surgery, but it's all worth it. I honestly didn't care what I looked like naked (ahem, or in a bikini)- I just wanted my clothes to fit better after all the effort of losing weight.

I thought I'd go down sizes (plural), but I didn't. I'm still happy with the results, and would recommend the procedure.

One cool thing I'm realizing is that before if I lost weight, I'd lose T & A also, but with a TT, you get to keep those AND have a flat tummy. I like that fringe benefit.

Keep us posted. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Angie, you dont know me, but yes I am a "stalker". Been reading just about every BOOBS blog for about a year now. I had a TT almost 3 years ago. One thing that I made sure I told my PS was to really pay attention to my belly button! My sutures were from the inside, deep in my BB. I love it! Also, someone else mentioned your scar. Please make sure they make it low, You cannot see mine even with my thong on :) Are they doing a mini, a full or extended? I needed an exteneded because of my hips. This scar goes beyond your hips to your back, but it helps with muffin top. Also, ask him what he will do to prevent dogears. If you have any other questions email me :)


Dominic Tucks said...

Looking good makes a person feel more confident about one self. I wish to share more information on tummy tuck procedures on my site. Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks. :)

cosmetic surg said...

Make sure your doctor is a surgeon expert and is licensed before the surgery. It's always good to be cautious.

Liposuction New York City said...

Make sure your doctor is a surgeon expert and is licensed before the surgery. It's always good to be cautious.

alvispetter said...

Remember a tummy tuck removes skin not the subcutaneous layer of fat, so it's added about inches of derma they are able to remove. Most artificial surgeons will allegation added for lipo but it is a great idea to do it at the time of your surgery.

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