A vlog! and a THANK YOU!

• I want to thank everyone who commented on my post from yesterday – you guys have given me amazing advice and insights. I have seen a lot of my questions answered elsewhere in my research, but just like with the band all doctor’s seem to have their own opinions and I wanted to make sure I knew my doctor’s answer. Band-babe, you’re such an awesome resource. Pregnancy is a question I asked about at my initial consultation, and the doctor assured me that the skin will stretch as much as it needs to, I could lose some results but as long as I’m not planning on getting pregnant within the next couple of years – which I’m NOT! I’ll be just fine. It was definitely important to find out. I am armed with a big list and a lot of excitement… I’m so lucky to have you all!

ps no wonder this took so long to upload - the video plays twice!


Nicole said...

I wasn't able to get VLOG to play :( boo I wanted to hear your voice!! Miss you xo

Kristen said...

Awesome vlog snuggle bunny! I can't wait to hear how everything goes @ the consult- I am sure they will be in awe on the wealth of knowledge you have on the procedure and how ready you are for this! It's your time, and it's finally less then a month away!! AHHHH! Love you!

Brooke said...

I'm at work right now, so I can't listen, but am sooo excited about your TT. Will listen tonight.

Also: How can you stand yourself? You're too cute.

Catherine55 said...

So great to see this -I loved the vlog! You are so ready for this -- it's clear to see. And I know what you mean about the size thing (and so many other things) still being new and kind of Wow-inspiring. I think my friends are surprised sometimes that I'm still reacting to all of this, since they seem to have gotten used to me being smaller faster than I have!

Anyway, I'm super excited for you and hope you'll post lots of info and photos about the surgery, since I know that will be really intstructive and interesting. You are a total knock-out already, and this is just going to take it to a new level! xoxoxo

Amaris said...

I totally understand why you want to have a tummy tuck! I still have well over a hundred pounds to lose, but I'm already plotting how to afford one! You ROCK! I'm so glad that you are taking this next step for yourself.

Brooke said...

hey Angie- I can second everything you said in your blog. It`s weird to know I am now socially acceptable, but I still feel like a bit of a spy.

My tummy is definitely an ìssue. So are my boobs and inner thighs. Funny I thought it would be my bat wings and while they`re not perfect, I can live with them.

Questions are good- you`re smart and I bet you`ll have a better outcome than most because you`re gonna have so much information at your disposal.

Miss ya- B

Amy W. said...

I dont know how I missed this...or the last 4 damn posts you did! But I am so happy to see the study and I cant believe surgery is only a week away!!!!

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This is me now... at 160!
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