The Sad Messages Of Weight Loss Ads

This was my reaction to this video and this blog post:

I commented this on Jezebel:

I don't know how unpopular this opinion will be... But I am happier now that I weigh just a little over half of what I once did.

Do I feel prettier and can I shop more easily and do I get more male attention now? Undoubtedly.

Could it because I'm way more confident now? For sure.

I think the biggest reason I'm so happy is because I feel so accomplished. I have conquered the thing I thought I never could. I struggled with my weight for so long that it made me feel un-empowered in the other aspects of my life too.

So do I still struggle with self-esteem, do I hate the loose skin on my stomach, am I still sometimes tempted to binge? Yes. But I would have felt these unhappy thoughts at either weight, and at least now I'm healthier.

I do feel the ad is sad. I agree with Hortense about how she feels like it shouldn't be such quick editing - sad girl to skinny jeans, when we know it's such a process, but sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be "allowed" to be happier for being thin.


Linda said...

I understand what the author was trying to say and agree that there are a lot of issues beyond that "fat" that most if us have to deal with. I also totally agree with you that while I still have the same crap in my life at 184 pounds as I did at 279 pounds, some days it's enough to look in the mirror and not avert my eyes. Sometimes the happiness of pulling on a particular size clothing is amazing.

Bonnie said...

Being thinner doesn't get rid of other issues you might be dealing with, but it sure does give you more energy and confidence to deal with them. I've only lost 23 of the 114 I want to lose and already feel better about a lot of things that would normally get me down.

Amy said...

Losing weight does make me happier in the sense that it's one less burden I am dealing with. I fully admit, I am happier now at 268 than I was at 374, because I don't have to worry about those 100 extra lbs every day. Life is just easier now, so yeah, I am happier. Sue me. :)

THE DASH! said...

Sigh... there's still so much talk about being 'thinner' and I guess there always will be as long as we are eating food.
I do love your list of things to love about accomplishing what you have. Its great!

karen said...

I'm just happy to feel empowered and not condemned

Catherine55 said...

You really nailed it for me when you mentioned the sense of accomplishment about conquering the one thing you never could. That's something that makes me feel good every single day.

The extra attention, cuter clothes, and liking how I look isn't too bad either. :)

It's not that I wasn't happy at 230 pounds -- I definitely was. It's just that now I have one less thing in my life to stress over or feel bad about.

Great post, Angie -- glad you put this up.

Brooke said...

I couldn't even try to say it better than Linda. So ibid.

Sometimes just looking at my size 10 skinny jeans is enough to make me chuckle and carry me through for a couple of hours. But unfortunately, a lot of the stuff I pushed under the carpet when I was heavier is still there and now I have a shit load of personal work to do and decisions to make.

But it's better to be tackling all of that than eating it into oblivion (for me).

Colls said...

Great post, Angie! We should all be allowed to be happy to be skinny, no question about it. This is our accomplishment and no one can take that away from us.

Losing this weight does make us feel better about ourselves. I believe that most of us have looked our demons in the eye at one point or another. We are all dealing with the initial issues that lead us to our "low". That can't be ignored. However, that quick editing ignores that whole process. But - it is an ad and sadly that's what they do...

Good for you for posting your comment on the site. You rock! <3

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This is me now... at 160!
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