A Quick Lil Update

Hey all!

Just thought I'd stop in to say hi and share an NSV that I had a couple of days ago. When I ordered my swimsuits from JCrew, I ordered a few other things - a pair of denim capris and a button down shirt and a strapless fancy-ish dress. I ordered the pants and dress in 14, and the shirt in XL. I don't know why -I really have trouble accepting that I might be a smaller size!

So although the dress is still too small in the bust, it's GORGEOUS and I really hope it fits by this summer. I was gonna show you the picture but it's completely sold out - I got a great deal on it final sale. I'll take a pic of it when I'm back home.

But the pants and shirt were huge! I took them into the JCrew store and ended up exchanging the 14s for 10s! 10! The guy who always helps me there (as I'm obsessed with that place) was giving me shit for not trying them on in the first place! I think part of the reason was the friend I was with tried on the 10 and didn't like how they fit her, and I couldn't fathom they might fit me, let alone look good.

So all in all I'm happy. It's frustrating to me that I'm a 10 on the bottom and still bigger than a 14 on top, but I know it's my boobs, and I'm still praying they'll shrink a little.



Nicole said...

Way to go! J Crew sizes run very small!

Jen from Oregon said...

Great NSV!
I too seem to keep ordering in a size too large...
I bet the dress is beautiful. You have great taste!

B said...

Breast reduction surgery could fix that problem.

Girl Bandit said...

New clothes....in a ten....dream cpome true!!! I want my bust to shrink too....let me know if you find the secret. Size 10 whooo hoooo

THE DASH! said...

Ack! I remember being two different sizes too, funnily enough that problem now I've lost weight has gone... but it was very frustrating. I also get that it's hard to adjust to the new sizing.. like.. am I a fraud thinking I can fit into a 10? Maybe the rest of the weight you lose will take some off your bust (and you're going to have some say.. give it to me??? lol.. they would LOVE a bigger bust.)

Angie said...

thanks ladies! and to my dear b- so could a boyfriend reduction.

love to all!

Canadian Bird said...

That's awesome! And your new "profile pic" is too!
It's funny. So many girls are paying for implants & people are commenting on breast reductions here. I happen to have had one years ago... best decision ever. I just don't understand people who want implants! lol

Camille said...

I just started reading your blog. Congrats on a nice NSV!

Dinnerland said...

Size 10 in J Crew-- now that is an NSV if I ever saw one!!!

Anonymous said...

Wicked NSV! I love J. Crew, can't wait to shop there.

Tami said...

Size 10!!!! What an NSV!! Congrats!!

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

I don't think I even know what JCrew is, but still, it's exciting!

Yeah would you consider a breast reduction? A lot of companies pay for them now on their health insurance. Just wondering if it was something you were thinkin' about?

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This is me now... at 160!
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