Setting Goals

So over the past few days, I have been really struggling with the idea of what my goal weight should be. Like Amy, I set my goal weight at 170 somewhat arbitrarily. It just seemed far enough away from 200. I have never been a normal or healthy weight as an adult so I can't draw inspiration from there. What I do know is this - I am not only 14lbs away from where I want to be. I'm thinking that I really would ultimately get to the 150s, and to 160 by the time I get a Tummy Tuck. It's a push goal, and if it doesn't happen, I'll be ok, but at the same time, I don't want to lose too much more after that surgery.

It's crazy to think about though - weighing 150something pounds. That's genuinely thin, not just better than I was, not just chubby. It's the kind of weight I reserved for everyone else, I always figured I'd still be the bigger girl. I'm not interested in that anymore. I want it all. I never in my dreams even allowed myself to believe I'd get down to such a low weight. Even now, it seems hard to achieve, yet at the same time - I've already lost 86. I know I can lose another 30ish, especially with these ten workouts a week.

How did you set your goal weight? As you've gotten closer to goal, are you realizing you may want to end up smaller?



Lap Band Gal said...

I chose my goal weight of 140 since it puts me just under 25 BMI. <25="normal" Since BMI is the main thing that medical insurance companies look at when they approve people for coverage (should I ever have to self-insure myself) I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be denied. I have heard that some folks are denied health ins coverage due to weight. Makes me want to move to Canada. LOL

Nicole said...

I know their are charts with ranges for your age/height.(ugh)
I am on the shorter side 5'3 and last time my nutrionist said oh they have your goal weight at 144. I set my goal weight at 155, I would LOVE to get to 144.I have NEVER been in the 140's so that would be very exciting. Have you talked to your DR? I know my Dr said whatever weight you feel comfortable at but it looks like they do have a # in my chart that they would like me to get to!
You can get to whatever goal you set!!

Dinnerland said...

I have a real reach goal-- the thinnest weight I ever was as an adult (123 pounds, I am 5'4.) I don't know if I will get there-- and I have been every weight in between as an adult. But I figured I would aim high.
I agree, talking to your doctor may shed some light, and also, maybe you want to consider the highest weight that would put you right in the normal BMI range. That would seem to be reasonable....

Ashley said...

I am not near my goal weight, but I am the same as you. I have a certin weight I want to hit before I make any decisions about my final weight.

I want to let you know that you are an inspiration. Your blog is an amazing tool for all other bandsters and I wish you the best of luck!

THE DASH! said...

I chose a goal weight of 160 pounds (or 73.3 kilos) because it was the lower end of the 70's and was a perfect 40 loss all up - which is about what I needed to lose. I might stay on 75 or try for 70, not sure yet. I just had a look and I have 24 pounds left to lose. Doesn't seem much but the at the rate I'm losing (which is nothing right now .. sigh.. I have a hit a massive plateau) it might take me three years to get there lol!

Anonymous said...

My goal weight is 140 or whatever gets me to a size 8 and I am 5'7".
One thing about your surgery, I worked with a plastic surgeon for years and you really need to be at your goal for 6 months before getting surgery. Reason for this, you do not want to lose after a tummy tuck. That is a MAJOR surgery and you want it to be perfect!! Just a thought I wanted to share.

Angie said...

thanks for the comments guys.

Southern Belle, the doctor is comfortable with doing the surgery with a less sustained-weight. He is used to operating on bandsters, and is confident the goals I've set are the right ones. Thanks for the tip though!

The Former Fat Girl said...

It's funny that you ask that question, because I too had just kinda of haphazardly set 165 as my weight because it was 100 lbs from where I was and I'd figure if I can make it to that..hell I was set. But now that I am down 68 lbs and on the verge of onderland...I'm like you know maybe 145 ( highschool weight) wouldnt be to bad to shoot for....NEVER in a million years prior to this journey would I even think that a number that low would be a possibility !!!

BTW in spirit of ur challange ran sat & sun !! So thanks for the kick in the butt !!!!

dannielo said...

If you'd like a tool for setting your goals, you can use this web application:

You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use

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A Vision Wall (inspiring images attached to yor goals) is available too.
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This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
with my bestest friend!

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