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Hi Ladies,

I didn't really share this, but after the fill I got in Toronto, I got really tight. Like I pb'd on soup tight, and not the next day, like four days later. It was so crazy, because I only got .15 put in, but it shows what the tiniest little tweak can do. Yesterday was bad, I hardly ate anything and was a bit nervous that I might need a de-fill, but today I feel totally normal again. My appetite was totally back, but I knew how important it was to choose carefully and chew well, eating slowly. I managed to eat a bunch of salad, some roast turkey breast tonight, all the good healthy foods I need. I'm also losing pretty well which is nice, I was down to 183 182.8 this (now Tuesday) morning, and have a feeling this is going to be the week of the month where I drop 3 or 4 pounds... 3 more and I'm down 90 total! Woah!



Debi said...

You will do it! I have no doubts. Doing the happy dance for you tonight!!

THE DASH! said...

So brilliant you're on the downward slide again weight wise. Hope this fill does it for you!!

Dinnerland said...

Great for you!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Sounds like you got through it, I am so skeered of overfill, but that weightloss is awesome!

Southern Belle said...

Wow, congrats on loosening up a bit and the loss!

Colls said...

Only 3 lbs 'till 90, wow! That is amazing, great job! Now if only I could get my scale moving. It sounds like you are making all the right choices - you will hit 90 any day now!

Catherine55 said...

That is so awesome!!! Glad that your fill is going to work out after all and congrats on nearly hitting 90!! Don't avoid an un-fill if the fill isn't working though!

momma2fi said...

Sooooo Jealous of that weight! It is so close to my goal and I bet you feel fantastic!! How much more do you want to lose? KEEP IT UP!

Anonymous said...

you look amazing!!! I wish i had the drive to workout like you! CONGRATS!
A fellow bandster ;-)

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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