Can't Nothing Hold Me Down

Woo! Workout-Wednesday is over, and it was such a success! I went to Phusia this morning, danced my ass off, Julie then put me on the elliptical on strength for half an hour, then half an hour of lifting... Then went back at six for another hour of dancing! Here's my little dance outfit...
I get SO hot in that class! The shorts were a lil short for comfort during stretching, haha, but it kept me cooler! I am feeling so good about this Challenge, how well you have all responded. Aunt P is visiting right now and normally my weight might be up a little, but with all these workouts I feel like I'll bust through the bloat!


Anonymous said...

Look at you rockin the little shorts!! You are looking amazing, My work out frist for today was that I ran 3 miles!!

Alexis said...

Good god woman! You are TINY! Look how amazing you look!!! You've got me so pumped to try out my Zumba class for the first time tomorrow!!!

THE DASH! said...

Whaaaaaat? Look at you - you look fit and fantastic. I love the whole look!!! Bet you kick butt in workout class!

Athena's Melting said...

Look how cute you are in you little gym shorts!! and you are getting some Madonna arms there!

Catherine55 said...

You look so thin and fit!! Great pic, and way to go on the workouts!

I got an extra run in last night, just for the Angie Hardcore Challenge! :)

Hope all is well with you!


Colls said...

Angie!!! You look so good in that outfit! You have some serious muscles! Way to go with Workout Wednesday, you rock (as always)! Oh, and I love that song. <3

Gen said...

Awesome, you look great!

Brooke said...

Um hi, tiny little fit person!

You look amazing.

I went to the gym yesterday for an hour to lift weights and do some core stuff then did an hour and a half yoga class. So I'm trying to keep up with the Angie Challenge. Won't have time to exercise tonight but will check in for Friday.

carla said...

You look amazing!!!! Great job on the workouts..keeps us all motivated

Kristen said...

DAMN GIRL! I loveeee it! I can't wait till I wear itty bitty shorts and not get chub rub! You look AMAZING! Love the song!

Nicole said...

Look at you looking all BUFF!

I worked out on Tuesday night after work when I was exhausted and plan on doing it again tonight!! I will blame my muscle soreness on you! :)

Mary said...

You Look Great Girl!!!!! Your Bustin out the short shorts!! Go Girl!

momma2fi said...

You look like a warrior princess! I love the smirk as well! Funny - my word verification was antse - which is what I'm feeling! Wanna look as great as you!

Girl Bandit said...

Look at those legs??? And where is the tummy to be tucked??? You look awesome. Keep working out. I would join you all but am injured....grrrrrr

lori said...

you are looking absolutely wonderful. and are so lucky to have the band at your young age.

Tami said...

You look great!! Those work outs are really paying off!! I need to get myself motivated to the gym. I'm going to walk the dogs for a while today then gym tonight!

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This is me now... at 160!
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