Crunch Time

Not to be confused with crunches time, I actually skipped the gym this morning.

I have an INSANE amount of school work to get done in the next two-weeks. My time management skills will certainly be put to the test, I am kinda freaked out about it, but I know I'll emerge, I always do.

This weekend was a ton of fun - the dinner we went to Friday night was delicious, though I could barely touch my main course. I ate good foods most of the weekend, just too much of them... My fill isn't for another month, and I'm just wishing I could get in sooner, but alas, I won't be home till January 3rd. Gotta push through and make the right choices.

My weight right now is 195.8 which does not make me too happy... It's about three pounds up from Friday morning. I know some of it is bound to be salt with the restaurant eating, and some of it could also be from my INSANE work-out Saturday morning. My muscles are super sore, and I wouldn't be surprised if I was carrying extra fluid in that department.

All I can do is work to get it back off... That means really really conscious choices, and it also means I need to get my workouts in, even with school being busy, I could have made it this morning, and I most definitely will tomorrow.

Have a great week everyone...



If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane said...

Ugh I hear you on the schoolwork......I hate finals time! Good Luck on all of your exams!

The Dash! said...

I'm up also right now : I hit 192 pounds and I just gained about 2 overnight.. blahh, why can't the stupid scales stay steady! Wanna take a united stand and belt the hell out of them together??

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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