Shopping Fun and NSV

My best friend Claudia came down for her birthday this weekend, and we went shopping Saturday. I did pretty well at J.Crew: I got this adorable gold slouchy tuque (aka winter hat for you Americans.)

I also got a pair of corduroys. There were a couple of pairs on sale for like 19 dollars, so I grabbed the a 33 and tried them on. They were huge. Claudia, her boyfriend Nick and the very helpful sales girl agreed. They were ridiculous. She grabbed them for me in a 32 and 31, and both fit, but we decided the reason they were on sale was cause they were a hideous shade of doodoo brown. The highly intelligent salesgirl decided to grab me a pair of full-priced cords to try in black. She brought them to me in a ten. And guess what? They fit really well. ME. A SIZE 10. Crazy talk, people! Crazy!
I haven't taken a pic of me in the pants yet, but here they are:



Amy W. said...

First, let's rephase your opening sentence and say your best friend (except for Amy) came down.

Second. I am jealous of you slouchy canadian word hat. Its super cute.

Third! SIZE 10!!! I wont expect to be in a size 10 when I weight 190, bc you are so tiny on the bottom...but that is AWESOME!

And fourth, I knew you would understand my post about ED. Heartchu!

SuperMegaAnna said...

AMAZING on the size 10. I wanted to tell you, I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and we also wear tuques! However we are often confused for Canadians up there as well!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a size 10 - that is fantastic - way to go! Oh, and I love the super cuter hat!

Gen said...

That is awesome! And I don't think J Crew is super off in sizes - like their 10 is not a big 10. So that is a huge score!

Nicole said...

WOW! And like Gen said J Crew I find runs on the small side! woo hoo!

The Dash! said...

Hey nice going - love that you had a fantastic NSV and those pants looks great! Love the little hat too - sometimes I wish it got cold enough that we could wear stuff like that here.. no such luck.

Roo said...

Size 10, woot woot! Great NSV. Love the colour of the hat really suits you. AND we call a toque, a beanie in Australia, just to add to the mix!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

A size 10! Wow, what a NSV! Shopping is the ultimate reward for all our hard work, and nothing says success to me than a great fitting pair of cords ;)

Claudia said...

Talk about NSV! SIZE 10!! Even if you're in a bit of a stall weight wise, remember that for your birthday you didn't fit into size 10s!

I'm telling you dude, take measurements! They'll be nice to look back on AND usually fluctuate less than the scale. Also they'll give you another thing to plot on your mac version of excel.

AND, "tuque" is way better than "beanie"

Claudia said...
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This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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