Back up in VT after an amazing trip!

Hi all!

I just woke up after landing at 12:30am last night. I got home around 1:45am and promptly crashed... so good to sleep in my own bed!

I have been gone since eeeearly Saturday so I was quite eager to get on the scale this morning. I was not surprised to see a number over 190. Right now, I weigh 191.8 lbs, up 2 lbs from a week ago. For all the fun I had, not too bad. I drank a lot, ate a lot, and had a lot of fun, and I'm ok with a temporary gain. WOAH. I just said that.

I'm okay with it because I'm no less pretty than I was last Wednesday, my clothes really don't fit any different. No guy would go up to me and say damn girl you'd look great if you weighed 2.2 lbs less. Fluctuations are minor in everyone's mind but my own, and I'm fighting hard to make them minor in mine too.

We took a ton of cool pics in NYC and Atlantic City with my friend's fancy camera. Once he posts them I'll do a picture post on here.

I was just reading Dinnerland and it made me really think about whether healthful choices have started to be more natural to me. I don't think they always are, I definitely choose to nibble on other people's french fries WAY too often and eat "just one bite" of desserts! But last night on my way home I made all good choices. I got to the JetBlue terminal in time to have dinner before my flight. I went to their cafeteria area, where they have everything from Pizza to Chinese to Philly Cheese-steaks to Burgers. For a moment I scanned some of those menus... But for me, I know I'd feel better (i.e. not get stuck) and be more satisfied than with something I'd normally eat. Because travel can so easily become a warrant to eat naughtily, can't it! So I got a small cup of tomato soup, and made myself a salad at the salad bar with shredded chicken. I wasn't perfect, there were definitely bacon bits invited to the party, but there were also sprouts and spinach and carrots. It was delicious - well the amount i could eat was. It's really hard to make a bandster sized salad with all those options! Then after, at my gate, I got myself a bowl of watermelon as a snack. I enjoyed everything, and it was nice to know I had ended my vacation on a more normal note eating wise.

I look forward to getting back to the 180s, and I don't think it should be too hard - cutting alcohol out completely, watching my sodium and not having silly boy friends ordering desert and every corner! It's also my t.o.t.m. so really, 2 lbs aint no thang.



Dinnerland said...

Thanks for the mention-- and to me, you are expressing such different eating habits. The choices you made in the air terminal are exactly what is getting you on your way to goal.
I am sure there was a ton of fast food looming there-- and you are responding well to the "behavioral conditioning" (i.e. you have the sense that you will FEEL bad if you EAT badly, so you eat better!)
Yay!! That is definitely a step towards a more lasting change.
... and by the way: you do look like Jessica Simpson. You might even want to go blond one of these days on a whim and take up a second career impersonating her!!!

xo Vanessa

Tamara said...

Good for you. Glad you had a great vacation and now your back on your game!

Girl Bandit said...

Yes that is a great way to think...who on earth would notice 2 lbs??? And it doesn't change your gorgeous personality!! Have a wonderful Christmas.

The Former Fat Girl said...

I LOVE your bit about a guy saying you'd be prettier 2.2 lbns lighter...LMAO !!!!!
You know I think you have it right because this isnt suppose to be a diet but a way of living with ourselves in a healthier way both mentally and you go girl !!

The Dash! said...

Sounds like you had a fab hol (specially meeting Catherine - lucky you!!! and Lucky her - getting to meet you!!!)Have yourself a beautiful Christmas darl. I hope you get spoilt and just relax over Christmas and do what you will do. We can pick up the pieces after.
Mwah Cara xx

The Former Fat Girl said...

Merry Christmas Angie !!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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