In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of...

Can I just put it out there that I love this city? Love. Love. Love love love.

I have had such a great time so far. I've been to the Moma where I saw some amazing art including a really cool exhibition on Tim Burton. I've been out for delicious meals, seen Hair, probably my favorite Broadway show ever... And most of all I got to meet Catherine!

She already blogged about it, but it was, as she said, such an amazing experience. She's been lucky enough to meet so many of you, but for me this was a first! To be able to meet someone who truly understands this experience - what it's like to be wondering if you are gonna have to get up at a restaurant to pb, or how to tell a guy. We had so much fun talking about everything... and she gave me some very good boy advice too! It was a wonderful experience. She is also gorgeous, looks amazing. It was wild to me to think that a year ago... We weighed about 140lbs more, put together, than we do now. CRAZY! The good news is I'm fully obsessed with New York, so I should be back for another visit very soon!

A fun NSV in my life lately is that lately I've been getting told that I look like a certain celebrity. Now I really don't see it, except maybe in my jawline which seems like a funny thing... But about half a dozen people, most of them complete strangers, have told me they think I look like Jessica Simpson! How crazy is that!

I've got to get showered, we're heading out for another 10pm dinner tonight... My poor band was a little confused last night!



Girl Bandit said...

Hey Angie...I can definately see that are gorgeous too. How awesome to meet Catherine...and NYC..a Sydney girl can only dream!!!

The Dash! said...

Hey Angie,
Lucky you meeting Catherine and vice versa too! You are both two of the nicest girls on the planet and it was great that you hit it off so well (but not like there wasn't a chance that was going to happen.)
Have the BEST Christmas ever to our Jessica Simpson lookalike.
Cara xxx

Jill said...

Okay Ms. Simpson! I can totally see it with your new about me profile have a very similar facial profile. But if you land yourself a Nick Lachey....don't let him go. Anyway thank you for your post....I am putting the negative talk behind me....finals are over and the holidays are here! I hope that you keep having a great time in the NYC!

jennyr1222 said...

Hey Lady -

I'm sure you are slammed, but if you're around your hotel or Times Square tomorrow, I work across the street from Radio City Music hall and will be in the office tomorrow. Let me know if you're around. I was so bummed to miss you Sat night!


Catherine55 said...

You totally DO look like JS! It was so great to meet you, and I'm so glad that worked out so well! I am already looking forward to next time! xoxoxo,


Robyn said...

I can TOTALLY see the Jessica Simpson comparison. Great person to be compared with, she's a very pretty girl!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I think of all of you as friends, we share so many common challenges, NYC is definately on my list of places to visit as well. If your ever inclined to visit The Big Easy....

Brooke said...

Awesome, sounds like two had an amazing time. Have fun doing a little shopping for all of us Angie!!

Wow, now that you mention it you really do look a lot like JS.

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

I'm glad you're having fun! It sounds like you're really living it up, yay!

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This is me now... at 160!
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