Vlogalicious definition make them boys go loco...


jennyr1222 said...

Must have been so frustrating to be feeling so good about your loss and then to shop and in fashion terms be told there is no room at the inn! ARGH, that would make me mad. BUT your jeans look fabulous and you are in the 190's, so great! I guess that you can take heart in the fact that you're not done and that there will be a time that you'll go in that store and things will fit, lots of them. Happy Working!! xoxo

The Dash! said...

I hear you on the frustration of STILL not fitting into some clothes when we've worked so damn hard to lose so much weight. But you know what, as you said.. and I said on Catherine's small dresses post - screw em. They are missing a lot of business I feel because A. women walk out of their stores feeling gipped and pissed off and B. the majority of women nowadays are not all teeny tiny woman. So blahh to them. Don't feel bummed though. You are beautiful and curvy and it's better than being a stick person. Love your jeans too. Awesome!

Catherine55 said...

Nice to know I'm not alone in the size frustration!! Loved the vlog, and you look amazing! And, I'm psyched that it sounds like my dress may work out for you! Oh well. . even if high end designers don't want to extend themselves to us, at least boys are being appreciative! :)



Nicole said...

Love your citizens! I can't wait to buy a pair when I get down to my goal weight. You are doing amazing!

Gen said...

You look great! So jealous about the jeans!

Tiffani said...

You're Canadian but I'll still wish you a good Thanksgiving... or even just a good Thursday if you don't want to accept that LOL

Your bum (or lack there of.. you've obviously not seen MY ass LOL - it's nonexistant) looks fabulous in those jeans darlin'! :)

Brooke said...

He-he- Happy not Thanksgiving fellow Canuck!

Screw Holt!

You look great in your Citizens and pretty soon you'll be rocking a cute Philip Lim dress (I can see you in a PL dress for the holidays, don't know why) but it is silly that someone who is a size 12 can't buy higher end clothing and still has to pick from the dregs.

I am getting into size 16's now and I am disappointed that the clothing cornucopia I was hoping for hasn't quite appeared... yet. It will open up when I get to 14's but like you said, we've worked for this!

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This is me now... at 160!
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