Finally an update!

Hi everybody,

First of all, thank you for all the amazing responses that continue to come in from my last post.  I knew other people would probably be able to relate to what I was saying, but to hear it from so many and learn of so many people's experiences is what blogging is all about - being part of a community.

I was missing in action for so long because I had to go to Montreal where my grandmother lives.  She's quite ill, I don't feel like explaining it all, but she'll be OK and is doing better now, but before this weekend it looked pretty touch and go.  I was very worried I'd have gained weight from being in Montreal, but because I had been doing the 195.5-197 fluctuation forEVER, I managed to stay in that range.

It was really really good to get back to routine though, and back to the gym! I felt so amazing after having worked out yesterday!  And my weight is down - for real! Yesterday the scale said 195.0, and today it is 194.0 193.2!  Woo! I am not sure if it will last, but I'm taking it!

My weight's all a little confused right now because I have my period for the second time in as many weeks because in my days in between there was a little latex incident and I had to get some Plan B. Bah!  But at least it's going down, I'm hoping it's not a false new low!

Hope everyone's doing great too...



Tiffani said...

Yikes, sorry about the Plan B, that sucks!

Congrats on the new weight loss, suhweet!!!

Thanks for chatting me up on Facebook the other day, btw. It looks like I JUST missed you and tried to chat back but you logged off shortly after I hit you up. I appreciate it though :)

I didn't comment on the last blog but basically.. you're doing what I know I'd be doing if I weren't already married. So, instead... I'm a good girl :) LOL

The Dash! said...

You and I are holding on the same weight loss plan at the moment - crawling lol. I am also down to 193pounds (exactly 193.6! just a little above you) but ahh it's slow going and I want to see 87 kilos on my scale!
Congrats on hitting that new low! I'm chuffed for you!!! Ooh scary having to revert to Plan B too!

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This is me now... at 160!
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