This is my confession

I originally just sent Amy a message about this, because I didn't think I could share it with everyone.  But then I remembered how it's important for everyone to get the good and the bad.  And I thought I'd share.

Last night I went out for dinner with one of my closest friends in Stowe, S.  We actually had a glass of wine at her apt before we left and indulged in other things that make you even hungrier.  We went out for a reallly nice dinner - she doesn't know I'm banded so I was pretty nervous about how it'd go, when / if I'd get stuck, etc.  I ordered apple-sausage bread pudding to start because the server said it was amazing and it sounded soft, and then a beef dish for my main. 

Because we're good friends with the chef and maitre d, we were comped a bottle of wine (which meant S's bf was gonna be picking us up!) and treated like royalty all night - we were served TWO EXTRA COURSES.  The first was pate which I had never really tried but figured I had to and it was actually pretty good... And the second was goat cheese fondue. I DIED IT WAS SOOO GOOD.

Everything was delicious.  And I don't know whether it was the wine sips pushing things down or the chew chewing but I never got stuck or over-full till right at the end.  Which kind of freaked me out. Seemed like I got out home free.

Then I went to bed. It's my t.o.t.m. right now, and so I had the worst cramps and gas pains and stomach ache all night long, had to get up a million times to use the bathroom, had to take Gas-X, have no interest in ever eating again... Am feeling very sorry for my poor little stomach pouch. 

I'm gonna treat her and me very nicely in the next few days... And take responsibility for the weight gain I'm sure might ensue from last night's binge.

The weirdest/hardest part was my friend was like I'm so proud of you for eating, you know you don't always have to be on, blah blah... Which would be true if I didn't have the band. Who knows. It's a new day and I'm back on track.



Brooke said...

Awww Angie, I totally relate. My "bad" nights have been under almost exactly the same circumstances. The wine lowers my inhibitions and then I drink wine with my meal and it's not until about an hour or two later that the gut crushing fullness hits and it is soooooo uncomfortable.

Please don't beat yourself up about it, though I'm glad you put it out there, I'll bet for a lot of us our slip ups are under similar circumstances and since you're one of our advanced bandsters it's good to know you find similar things challenging but have been so successful despite all the pitfalls out there!

And man oh man, are there a lot of pitfalls!

Take good care of you and your pouch Angie. Feel better soon. B

Catherine55 said...

I think it's totally OK to have a night like that once in a while. I definitely do now and then, and it is one of the things that keeps me from feeling deprived!

So, now you're back on the straight & narrow. . and I wonder if that day of extra calories may actually speed up your metabolism.

Sounds like a fun night out!

Southern Belle said...

I see nothing wrong with your night out last night because this is not a diet you are's for the rest of your life and you can't ignore nights like that for the rest of your life. As long as it is every once in a while, no biggie.

The Former Fat Girl said...

Hey Angie, even though that goat cheese sounds so yummy I totally agree with southern belle ! And besides you have the discipline enough to know to get back on the wagon the next day. think about it pre-surgery on anyother diet you probably ( me for sure!) would have said screw it and just go down that no no road permenantly !!

momma2fi said...

Hi Angie!
I agree with everyone else! Don't beat yourself up about this glitch. I personally think that it is quite healthy to indulge once in a while. I actually felt for quite a while that it was the one thing that kept me losing weight! You see, I would watch my food choices sooo closely for 6 days a week, and then on the 7th day, I could have whatever I wanted, but in moderation. Now that was pre-band, so every 7 days is a bit much. But like most of us, I love food too much to give up my favorites for the rest of my life. Won't happen! So, like Catherine, I think it is actually healthy to indulge now and then - it keeps us from feeling deprived - and keeps us from thinking the words 'never again' - meaning, I can never have pizza again. I just don't think that works. By the way, I had some cheese fondue the other night, and it was FABULOUS!!

The Dash! said...

Yup, I'm with the girls who all wrote just treat it like a night out - and move on Hon. I actually had one of those bone-crushing fullnesses last night - for the first time in months and it was horrible. I pushed myself, then got the sweats, felt like I had to BP the whole time but nothing was happening, took about an hour to settle... which I guess was better than your all night job. Poor you :( I hope you feel better today.

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Well I don't really drink but it seems like maybe that's what happened, the wine pushed stuff down. I dunno! We all have these days. No reason you can't share on here, nobody is going to judge you.

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This is me now... at 160!
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