What Do You Eat?

I find myself at a loss a lot of the time about what food to put in my sweet little belly.  It can't take much - though it can take entire boxes of Cheez-It's it would seem.  I'm just curious as to what everyone's magic foods are, the ones they can eat all the time, know they can count on, etc.  I'll share some of mine too.

  • Hummus.  I love hummus, it is protein-packed, delicious, not at all bland, and pretty healthy. 
    • 1/4 c which is quite a lot is about 110cals, depending on the brand.
  • Corn Tortillas  - I can barely eat much bread, pita never works, but toast me a corn tortilla till it's completely crispy and I'm a happy lady - perfect to eat with my hummus!  
    • 1 small corn tortilla from my favourite brand, Ricardo and Maria's is only 75 cals and .75g of fat!
  • Corned-beef hash.  It isn't the healthiest food option out there, but it's one of my favourite things to go eat after a huge workout at the gym.  At my breakfast place I'll often order 1 poached egg on top of a side of their hash and I feel SO fueled and protein packed!
    • A half-cup of hash comes to about 225 cals and a scary amount of fat- so I don't do it often, but it goes down so well and fills me up that I doubt I even consume a half cups worth.
  • Fried egg whites. Plain. sometimes with ketchup. Could my life be blander.
  • Activia! I eat it every morning.  Keeps everything happy. Do it!
    • Fat-free is 90 cals I think, regular about 110.
That's about it! Clearly I need your help... I'm kinda feeling a bit bored with my basics!



Amy W. said...

Well currently...soup is my go to thing. Which I guess could be considered a slider food, but with this level of restrcition...it satisfies me. Hamburgers! I have to eat them slow, and they usually only work later in the day...but a hamburger patty with the fixings on it! Oh yes. I can also eat a little hot dog. The other night I ate about 2 ounces of grilled chicken breast. Chili, soups, yogurt, pudding. What about refried beans?

Dinnerland said...

I am not banded yet, but here are some other healthy seemingly band friendly items:
1) Low fat ricotta cheese (90 calories for 1/4 cup and 6 grams of protein)-- add splenda and a little bit of almond flavoring and tastes like cannoli filling
2) TOtal Greek Yogurt smoothy; use about 1/2 cup of 2 % total greek yogurt, some water and some frozen berries, great healthy drink and should go down nicely
3) Pureed veggie soups-- I love pureed asparagus, pureed pumkin and/ or pureed spinach or brocoli-- great way to get your veggies and you can make the soup creamy by adding total greek yogurt!


wannabthinagain said...

i agree with Amy and dinnerland...hamburger (just the meat for me, and very slow) and greek yogurt

*Veg. or turkey chili
*refried beans with or without cheese & sour cream
*cottage cheese. i don't like the texture,so i puree it in my magic bullet, add some strawberry jello, some egg white, and it's a yummy mouse type texture.
*i can't do regular sandwiches, but i CAN do grilled cheese
*i can't do chicken if it's the slightest bit dry, but i CAN do grilled pork chops...go figure?!
*tuna fish (canned) with a bit of light mayo if i eat slow enough i can sometimes get the entire can down!
*red beans (from a can)
*slices of turkey rolled up. i have to eat it slow, but i can usually eat about 3 thin slices rolled together.

Catherine55 said...

That is surprising about the grilled cheese for I Wanna! I don't think that would work for me.

So far today, I had a La Yogurt lowfat yogurt and (unusually. . but it was that or let it go brown) about 1/4 a banana. For lunch, I had some grilled Ahi tuna steak (aunt and uncle took me out for my b-day) and grilled veggies.

Other things that I rely on are . . lots of soups, tuna salad, Amy's Organic frozen entrees (the Mexican ones), refried beans and cheese, and sashimi.

I tried a burger (a wee slider) last Friday, and it went down just fine. It was so so yummy after months of no red meat (I don't cook it at home and have been too chicken to order it out after a bad experience with an overly expensive steak)!

Brooke said...

Hey Angie,

I don't have anywhere near your level of restriction but I am finding my favourite apres work out treat to be a decadent and awesome meal/treat.

2 tbsp of almond butter and a banana. I find if I eat that following a workout I am sooo sooo sooo much less likely to overeat, too.

My other go-tos:
-low fat cheddar cheese slices
-hard crackers
-veggie lasagna
-grilled chicken breast with a currey sauce

The Dash! said...

Now there's a question for us.. what do we eat on a regular basis.. because yeah, I find it gets harder and harder too to find foods that will go down and our menu can be a bit limited.
Lets see.. I usually have a grain cereal for breakfast, toast is ok too (just one slice is all I can fit in..) thin crackers, tomatoes, deli ham or cold meats, I love low fat cream cheese as a spread instead of butter... I eat a lot of chicken in thighs not breast..rice (sometimes depending on my fickle band) .. I think that's it.. Actually, that's not much is it? lol But I hope it gives you an idea or two.

momma2fi said...

Hi Angie,

I LOVE cheez-its! However, trying to be a good girl, I love Amy's vegetarian Chili, and like Catherine, I love their frozen dinners. Because I'm a veggie girl and it can be hard to get my protein in, I still do a vanilla protein shake nearly every morning. My 'fail' food obsessions are chips and plasti cheez, though I also indulge in hummus as well. I miss Ice cream like you wouldn't believe. Edy's slow churned was good at first, but now I'm kinda creeped out by the weird texture. I've switched to skinny cow ice cream sandwiches, which satisfy my craving without being too 'bad'.

Anonymous said...

My go to foods:
Plain greek yogurt with cinnamon and honey
Soups, white chicken chili, broc. and cheese, veggie (I put every vegetable in there known to man) I make tons and freeze portions in ziplocs
Refried beans, salsa and sour cream
Meatballs with sauce
Chicken cooked in the slowcooker (a whole hen 6 hours on low) it stays so moist and you can use it in tons of dishes and freeze the extra
I still do protein shakes for breakfast but switch it up by mixing my protein with juice..I do 1/2 juice 1/2 water, vanilla with OJ, strawberry with OJ..I like these better than chocolate which is weird!
Hope this helps, I got carried away!

Anonymous said...

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Amy W. said...

mmmm, viagra...I have never thought about eating that..lol...YOU HAVE SPAM! Not funny...but still!

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This is me now... at 160!
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