Thanks for the Support...

And some of you were right - cause guess what - I'm back down to my lowest weight yet, 195.8.

I wonder if that burst of calories was what I needed to get me back into losing mode. I have been exercising so so much, and maybe the extra calories in real foods- as opposed to Cheez-Its and Apple Cider were what I needed.  I think I may not be normally getting enough calories, so I really need to start journaling and getting a better understanding on that.

One difference I did notice was I had NO appetite yesterday.  I made myself eat a yogurt after the gym, a handful of nuts and dried fruit around 1, and then ate a small dinner at my aunt's at 8.  And I wasn't even thinking about food.  That could also have to do with my lady status... When I'm PMS-ing I could eat a horse, once my period arrives my appetite does tend to decrease pretty dramatically.

Well again, THANK YOU to all your sweet comments... I guess I could stand to cut loose a bit sometimes, and know it won't kill me.



Dinnerland said...

Good for you!
Remember, overeating is not like murder.
It is just a thing you will try to correct over time-- but not a terrible crime against humanity.
The person you hurt was you-- but you learned in the process.
And that is a good thing.
Be proud of yourself...

Suzi said...

Good for you! I bet you feel wonderful!

Jen said...

Congrats!!! I'm sure it's so exciting to see such a low number!!

Catherine55 said...

That's so awesome!!! Seriously, I fully consider the occasional night of splurging on high-quality, yummy food and wine (not crap!) to be part of the process.

Of course, that's probably why I've been losing slowly compared to some bandsters. But it's worth it to me to been able to go out, have wine, enjoy the occasional serving of foie gras or dessert, and not feel like I had to give up my life to lose weight.

I'm glad that worked out for you!


Mary said...

Honestly thats what I have to do some times I will one day have something that is "higher" calories but still good food and that boosts me to losing again! Or if I feel I havent been drinking enough water I will increase my water and that does it too!!! That is an awesome # we are right at the same weight togeather!!!

The Dash! said...

You and I are losing at about the same rate right now - I weighed in at 197.4 (or 88.5 kilos OMFG I'm excited!!!) - so go us. That 200lbs is getting further and further away every day - how amazing is that!!!

The Dash! said...

Oooh I just saw Mary is where we are too! Three Musketeers anyone?

Brooke said...

Team Canada/Jew strikes again!!!


So happy for you gorgeous gal. I had a feeling the other night wouldn't do any damage and it's funny that it kick started things for you again.

On another note, I am getting a kick out of seeing your old clothes strewn all over lapband land- you have gone down so many sizes now and look incredible.

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This is me now... at 160!
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