A Double Thank You!

I just want to thank everyone who commented on my last two blog posts... To the picture one, you guys are too sweet. Really, it gave me warm fuzzies. And to those who critique my choice of cork and leather footwear, remember I live in Vermont, where the weather is cold and the streets often unpaved. Heels just wouldn't impress them anyways, they'd barely notice. I joke that the epitome of style here is wearing the newest coloured Burton or North Face.

And an extra big thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday's post. I am feeling a lot better about the situation today, and have decided that for now, I'm going to just go about life trying my very hardest to not eat sketchy foods about people who may feel concerned, and also to keep my ear open for gossip. It's funny, like one hand I just want to broadcast to my 1000+ friends on facebook that I've had the band, and they can shape up or ship out. On the other, this journey is personal, and it's one time where I know it's fine to be selfish with the choices I make with who needs to know, after all, this one thing is all about me.

In other news... Angie got her first A on a college test today! Wehoo!



Bandita Senorita said...

Way to go on the test!

The Dash! said...

The A rocks! Actually you rock.. go Angie!
(there's a lot of A's in that one sentence. lol)

Roo said...

Awesome test result...good on you! Sometimes you need to be "selfish" and think about yourself only...this is a personal journey and if you don't feel comfortable telling people, you don't need to....just don't let the your cousin's gossip get out of hand....xx

Amy W. said...

hahahaha...I am going to send you a message on FB!

A Nawlinz Lady said...

Enjoyed reading your posts on lapband, to tell or not to tell is an issue every bander goes through. Some of us feel comfortable screaming it from the roof top, others prefer to keep it quiet. I am with the keep it quiet group. Since when did our bodies become anyone else's concern? Keep up the great work!

snipsnipsnip said...

It was great reading about your experience - the ups and the downs, cause I am waiting to get my band, and expect to have similar situations.
Looking forward to hearing more!

Catherine55 said...

Way to go on the A!! That is fantastic!

I just wrote in response to your last post -- I am totally incensed by your cousin's behavior right now!!

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This is me now... at 160!
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