Hey Ya'll!

Hi Guys,

Sorry I've been a bad little blogger lately. Life has been happening, and what's better than that. This weekend I saw one of my favourite musicians in concert, had an AMAZING night out and flirted with too many boys, got stood up on a first onself line dating date (I clearly dodged a bullet there.) My weight's been kicking steadily at 205.8, morning noon and night, though I'm down a lb today. I don't get it, but I know my calories are mostly within range and I'm exercising, so I'm trying to keep up hope for the one-derland by birthday goal.

I do feel like I could use a bit of a fill, but it's so hard to tell, it changes so much. I'm at a coffee shop in town, procrastinating instead of writing a paper, and I got myself a latte and a bowl of tomato soup for lunch (I know I know, where's my protein/solids/etc. I'm bad.) And I ate one little not well-chewed oyster cracker, and I do believe I'm a little stuck. ON SOUP. ON SOUP PEOPLE. WTF.

I am due for my monthly gift (pffft) on Wednesday, or there abouts, so I figure maybe some of the new found restriction - and stall can be blamed on that. What I keep reminding myself of is this - the scale said 204.8 this morning. 204- then it'll be 203, 202, 201, 200, 199. That is unbelievably close!

To everyone who responded to the cousin thing, especially Catherine who's anger made me realize how effed up the situation is, I have decided she is on probation. The moment I hear anything negative, whether through her or the rumour mill, I am opening up a can of whoop-ass. She is thirty years old, not fifteen, and needs to behave as such. Having said that, other parts of her are super supportive... Ugh so confusing, this family thing!



meandmygizmo said...

You can do it!! ONEderland for your birthday!! ;-)

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

You are doing great, think about it in my shoes. I wouldn't mind stalling at 205 for a bit, enjoy the scenery. haha! I love your new pic at the top, it shows how slim and beautiful you are!!!

You never did talk to me about ADD and I didn't talk to my md either. I've been trying to "cope" and mentally calm myself down in hectic mental moments. Seems to be half working so far.

Angie said...

oy lizzie i'm so sorry! i'm gonna send you an fb message right away! thanks for the compliments!

The Dash! said...

Yeah!! Go you.. I think you need a little anger in regards to your cousin.. she really needs to grow up.
And keep plugging hon.. I totally see you getting to Onederland for your birthday. Fingers crossed!

Catherine55 said...

You are so close to Onederland!! I have my fingers crossed for you to get there by your b-day! And, even if it's not on exactly your b-day, you'll definitely be there for the start of this next year (which is sure to be filled with lots of amazing things for you!)!

I seriously was fuming to hear about your cousin's a*#)#!e behavior, and I'm glad that helped you figure out your position. Alternatively, you could have a (civil) heart to heart conversation with her now and stave off her next indescretion. Maybe give her a bit of the guilt trip I mentioned. . . :) Muah ha ha! :)


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This is me now... at 160!
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