My period isn't here yet. I have had some issues with the pill I'm on, and I'm not concerned about it not arriving, but GRR. I cannot keep weight off with this persistent state of PMS. My weight was down to 216 even last NIGHT. Then up to 217.6 this morning. Who GAINS overnight? I can't deal! BARHROEI;DVNLKSA.

/end rant.


The Dash! said...

It sometimes SUCKS to be a woman.. that's for damn sure. What a bugger that your weight goes up.. it has to be fluid... just HAS to be!!

Amy said...

Can I be the godmother? Just kidding. Your period will come pookie! Be strong! To hell with the scale! Drink water and try to beat the bloat.

BARHROEI;DVNLKSA--is that yiddish for WTF!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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