The Polyester Prison

So my weight's not moving, but people continue to see a difference in me. It's times like these that I really encourage people to do measurements cause I'm an idiot who hasn't.

I thought I'd share a fun pic of me in my work uniform, aka my Polyester Prison. It's hideous, but even in that I can see a size difference. I'm trying to find a pic of me in it from before... Ooh found one. Granted I was having a better hair day on my after... Well here's the before shots:

How cute are my spa boys!

And now. Regardless a hideous uniform, but there's a change!


The Dash! said...

You have the BEST smile - trust me, no one's going to notice the uniform if you hit them with that first lol. Looking good, girl!

Tiffani said...

Totally huge difference!!! You look incredible and OH SO happy!!

Amy said...

Sweet mother...those are drab things arent they...but um YEAH! Total difference. You look so good and healthy. Look how thin your arms are now!

lali said...

I must say... you're totally rocking the brown vest!!! and I agree with Amy, your arms are looking very lean. I told you that like 2 months ago!

and you should still start taking measurements... even if you don't have the true starting measurements, it'll still be very rewarding to see measurements go down when your weight is stalled.
AND on that note, even in this stall, you've still averaged more than 1 lb per week lost, right? So while it's not a drastic change, it's slow and steady and in the right direction!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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