A bit of a messy day...

So I'm due to get my period on Sunday or Monday. This is important for you, semi-stranger to know, because I'm pretty sure you can chalk everything I will be complaining about to PMS. But that won't stop me from complaining.

I'm bloated as all hell. My pants, normally so loose that they fall down at inopportune moments (are there opportune moments for ones pants to fall down?) are pressing against my belly. I woke up in the middle of the night vaguely aware that my ring was hurting me.

I am an emotional wreck. I cried at work today. Twice actually. Once when a guest yelled at me, and then again when my best friend came in and asked me what was wrong. I'm fighting with my parents for no good reason. It's awful. I hate feeling like this.

I'm also kind of unhappy about work. When I started, we discussed how I'd be doing a lot of closing shifts. To me, a lot would be 3, maybe 4 out of 5 work days a week. Not five. Every day that we're busy, I close. On my own. It's SO much extra work, so much more than any other shift. And it just really pisses me off.

Oh and the best news? I've gained two lbs. I know it's just bloat and salt but to wake up this morning and see that on the scale - it just set the tone for this poopy day. Poop poop poop.

I think I'm done bitching, but expect more of this for the next few days.



Amy said...

how dare you refer to me as a semi-stranger.

First of all, I was reading some old women magazine the other day (like Women's Home Journal or something) and it had a featured town segment and guess what! It was STOWE VT! I ripped it out in honor of you! The Von Trapps residence is there? Say what!

I think my period is the way as well...but it will be like a good week and a half early but my boobies are so tender. Of course, it could be from all the jostling when I run during bootcamp.

Alas, I dunno.

It will come off. It always does.

The Dash! said...

I wrote about this - PMS - on a post recently too. It just bites that we get it.. mood swings, weight gain the list goes on.
Tomorrow will be better :) or at least we can live in hope huh xx

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

I am weird w/ PMs stuff too. Just done going through that and it jacked up my weight for almost 2 weeks. I was on the bc shot for awhile and I had none of these symptoms. I might go back on the shot just to "regulate" stuff. Ahhh! I feel for you!

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This is me now... at 160!
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