Well this sucks...

So I guess I have never even really talked about what I do on here, for work. For a long time I worked in the hospitality industry, specifically working in Spas at fancy fancy hotels, doing front desk, reservations and starting on management. Then in November of this year, my roommate said there was a job opening at her small company, which plans singles events. It was not exactly what I was interested in or had experience with, but I was sick of the job I had and this one had better pay. Fast forward 4 months and sales are abysmal, my boss is convinced we're recession proof... And today, after not working for 10 days because of getting banded... She let's me go. But she doesn't even have the courage to do it herself. She has this guy Robert, who's like been thinking of investing in the business who owns the building our office is in to do it. How embarrassing, and how un-cool... I know she has the right to terminate me, I was in fact planning on leaving anyways because the job doesn't make me happy, and I miss being able to shine at work. But now I'm unemployed, with an apartment that unless we successfully get someone to sublet I'm not going to able to afford... I'm kinda all kinds of fucked. Plus my scar is getting a bit red. blah.

worst. day. ever.


Amy said...

Thanks for the comment. I still dont know if I were to reply to your comment on my site instead of coming to yours...would blogger notify you? I always worry people will think I am ignoring them!
Sorry your day sucked. For real though, someday you will look back and say thank god that happened...if I wouldnt have been let go...I never would have_______(fill in the blank with something great that is going to happen)!

Leslee said...

That does suck big time. But if I may look on the positive side for you, it gives you the opportunity to start fresh in more than one aspect of your life and you really will be able to shine! I did get your messages but I'm feeling lazy still so I didn't reply right away. I too also am happy to have found the blog of another canadian gal close to my age with a band! I love that we're in the same place with it and will hopefully be able to help each other out.

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This is me now... at 160!
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