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Just wanted to share a... well it's hardly a recipe as this was a super easy meal to make, but share what I made for dinner. I got permission to move on to purees/mushys early, and was SO excited.

I made a casserole by layering a can of refried beans, some salsa (which i blended to de-chunk) and some mashed potatoes, and topping it all with some low-fat shredded cheese. I baked it till the cheese was melty, about half an hour in a 350degree oven.. It would be yummier to brown the crust, but I thought for now it'd be harder to digest. I ate it with some guac and low-fat sour creme and a bit of hot sauce and it was SO good, and really really soft, like softer even than mashed potatoes, and totally delicious. My parents had some and agreed it was good, something I'd totally eat again once I'm on real foods, though I guess it would prob be a "slider food."

Hope someone tries and enjoys it!



Leslee said...

Hey Angie. I tried this recipe idea out last night. I mixed some grated cheddar and taco seasoning in with the beans. Then I used yukon gold potats mashed added a little butter, some dried onion type seasoning a little more grated cheddar and baked it. What a great idea! It totally is smooth and easy to eat. I now know what full feels like too! I'd kind of just been eating small portions before and not feeling what full should be but with this, wow! I had maybe 1/2 a cup and thought I was going to explode. Thanks for the idea!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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