I never wrote that two year bandiversary post I promised.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because I'm not that far off, number-wise, as I was a year ago, and I feel bad about that. Sometimes I feel like a fraud or a failure, because I've gained weight back with the band. We're not supposed to do that, especially not us "success stories."  But I'll tell you, life comes at you. I had a tummy-tuck, and it wasn't the pain that was hard, nor the swelling, the bruising, it was the stagnancy. It was sitting for two months without real exercise or fill in my band.  I couldn't do it without my tools. And I gained. And it's been really slow to get back on track. My body doesn't like to lose the pounds between 175 and 150. It took me almost a year last time. I'm not going to let it take a year again. I've got 5lbs down - yes, back to 170 now, and 20 to go. 15 that I've already lost before, and 5 I know I can get off. I am no longer living in a world of make believe - I know what I looked like when I weighed that. I looked better than I do now. This time with a flat stomach. If it weren't so fricking hard I might even be excited bout it!

Sorry this has been so depresso... here is a beach pic from Malibu!


Stephanie said...

I have total faith in you that you can do it once again!! :)

Ronnie said...

You're gonna rock that last 20 lbs. :) Just do whatcha do and you'll have it off before you know it.

Kristin said...

Setbacks happen. You are still *very much* a success story, Angie.

Summer's coming, and you will drop those pounds in no time.

nikki said...

I posted about individual fails today actually. We all fall victim to weakness. But when we can acknowledge and move forward, that's where our strength shines through. You can do this! You've came so, so far.

Bandita Senorita said...

You can do it!

Beautiful pic btw!

Catherine55 said...

Isn't it weird how much our thoughts on losing have changed at this point in the process? What I mean is, two years out, you know deep down that you absolutely can and will get that 20 off. Yet before, at the start of this process, the idea of getting even to 170 seemed so surreal.

You are going to give a whole new meaning to rocking your bikini this summer with that flat tummy, lady! :) xoxo

LDswims said...

2 months of stagnation, stagnation that you didn't want, is hard to get past. I know that once you get going again (which you have) you will totally get going again. I have never seen someone as addicted to exercise as you! I know you will get these pounds off and that tummy tuck is going to be the exclamation point on it all when you get there!

Tummy tucks are just hard no matter what!

Still a total success story to me!

Joey said...

This post could be my post minus the tummy tuck and inserting different numbers. I feel exactly the same soul sister. XOXO

Alexis said...

I have no doubt in my mind that you will get that weight off STAT. You are such an amazing success story and right now, I'd kill to be 170 (heck, 180!) :) You are beautiful my sweets.

Jen from Oregon said...

You'll do it!

amandakiska said...

This is why we need out bands. Without good restriction it is just too easy to get back into the old habits. I know you have really relied on exercise too so I'm sure not being able to work out made it extra hard. I have complete faith that you can do it again! Heck, you're down 5 so you are already doing it!

Linda said...

As you said you are back on track and will get back to where you were. You are a super success story no matter what the scale says.

MLM said...

You remain a success story and will drop those pounds soon!

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This is me now... at 160!
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