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So I was going to record a vlog. But I'm naked. And I can't quite motivate to get un-naked.

As some of you may know, I have been battling the 150s forEVER. And for good reason. The 150s are a pretty great place to be when you're my height, I've got a a bmi comfortably in the healthy range. But I'm over it. Around September I flirted with the lower half of the 150s, I believe I got down to 153 once. Since around October 1st, every single day it was 157. EVERY DAY. Except the bad days. When it was 158 or 159. But solidly 157.

Well finally, these past few days, 156.8, then 156.2, then yesterday 155.8. I forgot to weigh myself this morning (can you believe it - remember how obsessive I used to be!?) so when I got home this evening I weighed myself. 155.0. I am really hoping I break through to 154.something tomorrow. I really would like to get to 150 by my surgery date, which is now only about five weeks away!

think light thoughts! xx



Brooke said...

Killing myself laughing that you cant motivate yourself to get un-naked. LOLz. I love reading naked in my Snuggie. (I think being naked under a snuggie is the same as naked since it's basically a glorified hospital robe).

Okay, enough nudity. I hear you! Why not try for the low 150's. I think my goal isn't going to be a goal per say but an experiment. If I sit at 165 for 6 months, so be it. If I then shoot down to 155, so be it. If I stay here at 175, so be it. Right now I'm not actively trying to lose massive amounts of weight so much as get better at being banded and eating with this band, up my run times, do more pilates and be a better caretaker of my self in general. I'm pretty certain it will result in WL but at this point I'm happy to just see where the band takes me.

Miss ya!

Amaris said...

Thinking light thoughts for both of us!

Amy W. said...

This is kinda how I feel about the f'ing 160's. I mean come on. Can I please get away from 167? please?

Erica125 said...

Hi Angie,
I can't wait to WANT to just be naked!!! It drives my boyfriend crazy that I'm always covering up....but he just doesn't understand! I read your entire blog one weekend....so great! I loved it! I LOVE a blog with lots of pictures to show all the amazing results. You look fantastic! I have read so many blogs now, that I forget what surgery you're having in 5 weeks....f you don't mind me asking. I'm already thinking I better start saving for some nips & tucks when the time rolls around! I'm not even banded yet (nov 16) so I know I"m jumping the gun!

Keep up the good work!

Colls said...

Thinking light thoughts and sending them your way! <3

Nicole said...

you are amazing!!! I love you ..we can be light scale twins foreva

Joey said...

Nicole is right. You really are amazing. Amaze me Angie!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
with my bestest friend!
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