Ummm... OMG.

I just put a deposit down for my tummy tuck. I have a date - December 22nd, though I'm hoping to get it done a week earlier if I can have my exams moved/re-arranged at all. We shall see. I can't believe it's actually happening... As if this week wasn't exciting enough!


Amy said...

That's freakin' awesome! Congratulations!

LDswims said...

That's awesome! How exciting!!!

Amy W. said...

HOLY SHITBALLS! I am so glad you waited and didnt do it months ago. You are going to be a pioneer!

Drazil said...

YAY - do your's a tough procedure but worth it. Swelling can be terrible but if you know it's coming you can be prepared. Good luck!

TracyZ said...


Bonnie said...

That is so exciting. I am so happy for you and can't wait to hear all about it. I'm sure it is something I will need to do when I've lost all my weight.

Beth said...

I am so excited for you!!! And I cannot wait to follow you down this road, I have thought about several procedures I may need after I am at goal and well I'm scared. You are so0o0o brave!!

Kristen said...

*YAY* I'm so happy for you pumpkin nose. I know you have done a TON of research and are totally ready for this! You are going to do amazing and I'm so happy we all have you as an example and can hopefully follow in your footsteps soon! xxoo

Joey said...

OMG I'm anxious/eager/excited FOR you!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!

Catherine55 said...

OMG!! That is so exciting!! I am so happy for you!! I bet your tummy becomes your new favorite body part. :)

SO EXCITED to see you this weekend!! YAY! :)

Gen said...

Awesome Angie! That is so exciting! Happy for you!!!!

Nella said...

Very freakin cool!

Nicole said...

So very excited for you!! cant the dr do a 2 for 1 :) I wuold like a few things nip and tucked :)

Colls said...

So excited for you! You are my hero! <3

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This is me now... at 160!
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