Bikini Bod

When I first started this process in early 2009, I couldn't truly believe I would be as successful as I have been, or would have lost these 105(ish) pounds. I could not picture myself thin, I could not imagine how I would look. I knew my body would probably not look ideal when I got to the weight I wanted to, but I still dreamt of having a bikini body for summer 2010. In some ways I've completely surpassed my goals - my weight and size in most clothes makes me pretty darn happy. The bikini body - well I guess that's up for debate. I have two bikinis now. I don't feel ready to wear them around the world at large, but I am hoping that I can just get over it, whether on my trip to BC this week or some day in my backyard. I decided to take some pics last night, and here they are. This is what my body looks like at 165.

Not bad. A weird tummy. The underwire top is definitely a good thing. It's hard that most people who never weighed more than 165's bodies would look better than mine... But if I'd always been thin I probably would have been really bitchy. Or bitchier. HAH.

You'll all be glad to know the sunburn is faded, that I was wearing SPF 30! It was just SO hot with the dome open at the baseball game!

So hope seeing a really body isn't too traumatizing after seeing Catherine's amazing one! Haha. Love you guys!


Colls said...

Angie, you look so fantastic! I am really proud of you for posting these pics. You are rockn' that bikini right now imo, but I understand your hesitation. I hope that one day soon you realize how hot you are! <3

Jess said...

You have come soooo far! Be proud of yourself and rock that bikini girl!

Sherry said...

Oh Angie! You are a vixen! Girl, you look fantastic. Truly. Be proud of what you look like and anyone who thinks different be damned. You've worked HARD to get where you are and sweetie, it shows! Congrats on your beautiful body.

Jacquie said...

You look great Angie.

Gilly said...

Finally! You in a bikini! You have EARNED that little bikini, girlfriend! Wear it with PRIDE!!! And use sunscreen!! :P

Drazil said...

I agree - you earned it so flaunt it!

Carmen said...

wear it with pride girlie!

Steph said...

I can only hope for a body like yours one day. You look great!

Girl Bandit said...

I think you look you just need some colour on that tummy to match your shoulders. Imagine if you were not wearing sunscreen....eeeeeek! Go for it and wear the bikini!!!

Linda said...

Angie - you look great. If I looked like you I'd walk around in the grocery store in that suit. :)

workinprogress said...

Good for you!!

And look at those ab muscles!!!

Catherine55 said...

You look amazing!! Can you even believe how far you've come?! And, I'm so envious of your tiny bootie! Getting a tan on your tummy is totally going to do a world of good! And, LOL re your nice comment on mine. :)

Can't wait to see you in Chi-town!

Nicole said...

Love this suit on you :) rock it.. you bitcher PLEASE lmao JK

amandakiska said...

You look great!

Gen said...

LOVE the bikini! Is it J Crew or from somewhere else? That is my fave top with the underwire and real straps! I want it!

You look amazing girl!

Angie said...

Thank you everyone! The bathing suit is from Joe Fresh, Gen which is a Canadian chain associated with some of our grocery stores! It cost like 28 bucks for both pieces!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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