Danger Foods

There are certain foods that I should never have in my home. Not because they're bad or high-fat or whatever - they're foods I just can't ignore. My home typically has about a dozen pints of Ben and Jerry's in the freezer, and I can ignore them. This weekend, however, a lot of trigger foods were in my house. Nacho Cheese Doritos, Oreos, Potato Chips and Dip, and plain chocolate ice-cream. I have eaten ridiculous quantities of all of them. Is it coincidence that these are all slider foods? Of course not. Before surgery, I could have given a shit about most of these foods, I chose to binge on more solid meal type foods. But now... The compulsion is still there. The foods are mostly gone - in my belly or finally thrown out with the garbage bags taken into the garage.

Why were these foods in my house? Cause I had a party on Friday night, and... I could say that I don't want to restrict my friends choices. But really? Cause I was looking for an excuse.

These foods are gone, and soon the 5lb gain my scale showed tonight will be too. This has obviously been rough on me, but it is a solid reminder that the band is only such a small part of what we're dealing with, and that although I may look totally healthy to a stranger, on the inside I am still struggling with the problems of my former fat self.


Jacquie said...

A very healthy attitude Angie! Thanks for posting this.

Girl Bandit said...

You may be struggling but if I can perhaps put another spin on it....I am sure even thin people do this but as we have never thought or acted like slim people we wouldn't know this and we automatically think we are going backwards. I am sure alot of that gain is fluid from the salt. However you have acted like the thin person you now are and noticed the gain and pulled yourself up. Congrats....you are awesome

THE DASH! said...

Empowerment is what it's all about, Angie. Good for you!! Hope that pesky 5lbs blows off quickly xxx

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Oh, I hear ya! I WAS down 7 lbs this month.....until the weekend where I drank margaritas and ate fries and onion rings. Of course now I too have gained at least 4 lbs back. Oh well, live and learn. I

Nicole said...

Great post Angie

Bandita Senorita said...

Good job throwing the remainder out!!! I probably would have a hard time doing that with foods I love (even still).

Kristen said...

mmm doritos and B & J my type of binge!

Just do it, and get it over with...thats how I live with my band. You can't keep constantly thinking about all of those foods, you just have to have them (moderatly) and move past the cravings!

Good job on getting rid of them!

Leslee said...

Great post!
I commend you on being able to finally throw the stuff out to just get it out of the house. Whenever I try that I always see stacks of bills appear in place of the food and therefore don't get rid of it.

kagead said...

Hey there,
Shoot me an email (kagead25@gmail.com) with your email addy. I left a message for you on the BOOBS blog, but want to make sure we connect.

As for the danger foods, my list is LOOONNNNNNGGGG. I am hoping that post-band I'll be able to chalk up a bad day to being just that- a bad day and move on. Your incredible success shows you've learned that lesson well!

Sandy Lee said...

I thought I was following you but nooooooo... But just joined up. I guess I'll see you in Chicago. I'm at http://rollercoasterdieting.blogspot.com/

Brooke said...

Shit! I have done that too with parties at my place where I buy crazy amounts of food and then it's like, oh, well look-ee here, there's left over 7 layer dip, whatever shall I do?

(You know I ate it, right?)

I am waiting for my video to upload but basically I am thinking about the same thing: if we filled a hole with food pre-band, what do we fill that hole with now that we can't, as much?

I try to use exercise, and I know you do, too. But you can't exercise all the time. You can't exercise at 11 pm after you've already exercised... so then what? Sometimes I am able to sit with the feelings, but lately teh feelings have been coming up a lot, so what do I do?

Alright, will stop rambling in your comments section, but just know I get what you're saying ;-)

Jess said...

Oh my gosh! I did the exact same the last 2 nights. Chips and dip and those damn delicious oreos and milk!!! I don't like ice cream that much but was so tempted to order some spicy cayenne pepper chocolate ice cream that I saw on this FOOD network show the other night!!! WTH??? Why is it sooo hard? Why do these foods have to go down so easily??? Crapola! Well at least you have taken a stand. It's a work in progress.

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This is me now... at 160!
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