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So those of you who know me know I'm a bit of a rule-breaker. I drink diet soda. A lot. Sometimes out of a straw. It really doesn't bother me unless I suck it down out of a can like the second it's been popped. Meh. Works for me.

I try to be protein-centric, but I definitely don't eat my entire piece of chicken before I move on to my potatoes or something.

One rule I have followed pretty consistently though is no pasta. I was never a huge pasta nut, and it made sense to me to skip it. I've had lasagna a few times, figuring all that meat sauce would make it worth it.

Until today. In my fridge, leftover from when my cousin was here, was a box of Buitoni pasta, the fresh kind, Spinach Tortellini. I checked the nutritional info - for 1 cup, 320 cals, 7g of fat... AND 15 G OF PROTEIN! Woah! That's a lot of protein! I struggle to get mine in sometimes, so I decided to give it a go. I made it through about 2/3 of a cup with some yummy roasted garlic tomato sauce, and feel full but not uncomfortable.

It's always nice to switch it up, and although I don't plan on eating pasta all the time, I'm glad to know the band's doing what I want it to do - letting me eat what I want in reasonable little portions!


Alexis said...

This is probably going to be horrible to some, but I'm ALL about finding what works for you (within reason). I wouldn't ever do anything that would put myself in a situation where I could potentially hurt my band (ie eating ridiculous amounts of food -- I'm talking CUPS and CUPS of food), but I am about indulging and finding different things that work. I'm by no means a model bandster and do things a lot that my doctor (who is extremely strict) would not approve of, but I still feel that I've been successful even without being 100% and "following the rules" to a T. I think it's great that you've found what works for YOU. You too have obviously been successful at working with the band :)

BTW...that pasta sounds delish!!!

Brooke said...

I hear ya- at the end of the day, we paid for this band and we're the ones who have to live with them.

Before I got banded I was going through a rough time (a lot of guilt about needing to be banded) and drinking heavily- not alcoholic territory but a lot.

I told myself before I had surgery I will never touch another drink again.

Well guess what? That didn't work out and because I had no tolerance the first time I did go out and have some drinks I got DRUNK like it was my first time or something. Which just goes to show, a little moderation (ie living in the real world) is a lot better than banging around back and forth!

Now let me think, what is the biggest thing I do that is breaking the rules? Probably portion size. I eat about a cup to 1.5 cups p/ meal. But that's because I can, very comfortably. But hell, I'm still losing and my choices are better so it's all good.

jennyr1222 said...

I didn't realize pasta was breaking the rules. My doctor never mentioned that. I've eaten ravioli, and tortellini. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. The only thing I haven't tried is spaghetti types of pasta. I'm a firm believer in what Alexis says. We have this band for life. We have to find what works for us!

Catherine55 said...

Maybe I'm a bad bandster, but I have pasta pretty often! I often get ravioli (stuffed with something high-protein) when I'm out because the portion you get with ravioli tends to be small and I love how it tastes.

I don't think pasta is verboten though. . I don't feel like I'm breaking the bandster laws when I eat it. For me, the law I break is drinking during, before and after meals. But, it doesn't seem to have mattered. :)

BTW, sorry to hear about your car accident! I hope you are OK now!!



P.S. My word verification is "bellch" as in . . "Angie, after you drink soda, don't you have to bellch?" LOL

Nicole said...

Great post!! My nutritionist says try everything..I haven't tried pasta. Maybe I should be adventurous

Anonymous said...

I have eaten pasta since banding and been fine, but other times it's stuck city. I agree with finding what works for you, if you wanted to do high protein low carb every moment for the rest of your life you would have went on a diet..which this is not. You are doing awesome by your rules and that is great!

Beth said...

What is great about this journey is its OUR journey so we get to make OUR own rules. You follow the rules, look at you you have lost so0o0o much weight and are healthier than ever, so as long as you are on the path that you want and you have control of your self than follow your rules, that way its less tempting and necessary to break them

THE DASH! said...

I happily eat pasta - and sometimes I even eat it with cream sauce (eek!) BUT the difference here is, once upon a time I would have a bloody good sized bowl of it.. whereas now.. well, Im lucky if I fit in half a cup. We all know by now that its the portion sizes we eat, not so much WHAT we eat. Good for you for giving it a go. The dish sounded yum.

Girl Bandit said...

Great that you still are loving your trainer (and JT in a leotard...I want to know more about THAT!!!!) I avoid pasta like you but if I really want it...go for it....and with 15gm protein...yummmy

LDswims said...

So very cool. I don't think I could live a life without pasta - like you, didn't eat much of it all that often. But don't tell me never. It will make me want it. So even though it goes against my surgeon's wishes, I'm telling myself it's an option...which makes me not care. All sounds so very good - and yeah, pasta, in and of itself, doesn't have to be a bad thing. But it sure can be!

Amy W. said...

You know, I just discovered that pasta about a month ago and we love it! We just had it 2 nights ago as a matter of fact! Its sooo good and a nice change!

you are such a rebel!

Jess said...

Oh ga! Pasta and bread is my extreme weakness! Lucky you for not loving it! Fortunately I have been able to withstand tempatation and not eat hardly any. But as far as following all the rules, I guess I am a rebel too! haha

Gen said...

My doc has pasta on the "limit these foods" list, along with bread and every other carb pretty much...but no one ever said it is not allowed. I eat a tiny bit every now and then, it only works with tons of sauce. A dry-ish batch of ziti or lasagna and it is stuck city!

I agree - you have figured out what works for you! Your results speak for themselves!

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This is me now... at 160!
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