I think I can I think I can I think I can...

Hello all my banded (and non-banded) lovelies from the Miller Information Commons, aka my campus library. I have taken up residence here, with a bag of sour cream and onion pirates booty and a giant bottle of diet coke. CLEARLY MY DIET IS STELLAR DURING FINALS WEEK!

But thank goodness, this hellish week has arrived, and as bad as it will be, I'm taking major comfort in the fact that by Friday I will be done! I am so excited to finish this semester, I've worked really hard and I am confident that my results will reflect that. Mostly.

Weight wise things are good - slow and steady loss, but I'm down by just a bit for the second week in a row, and with Julie my trainer still out of town I call that a success. Personally things are great, I've been hanging out with a new boy I met at a party I had on April 10th and we've been hanging out a couple times a week since then, and it's going well. When I am with him I feel relaxed and it's just so chill - and he makes me laugh so hard! I'm happy with how it's going, and will keep you all in the loop!

So this is it - five days to freedom! Send me intelligent and energetic vibes!



oh oh oh PS. Thanks so much for your comments on my transformation pictures. For those who suggested modeling, you're too kind and I, even at 5'8 am too short.


Alexis said...

I can't believe I'm going to say this...but this totally made me miss college! Wha?! I know, right! :)

I'm still getting caught up on blogs from the past 3 days, but lady...those pics of you in your last post. Amazing. Can you spare a few of your inches to me please? This being 5'5" stuff just isn't cutting it!

Oh! And I hope you are still feeling okay after your accident. So scary.

andy said...

your pics look so good. You look amazing! Good luck with finals week. What is your workout schedule normally like?

Beth said...

Finals eating is the Worst, I must admit there has been a time or 1,000 that I walk into the library with two cans of Red Bull (Sugar free makes it OK right?) a bag of sour watermelons and gummy fish and some of those Lindor truffles, oh oh oh so naughty!! Hopefully you have more will power than I girl! Good luck on finals

Nicole said...

Sending some smart ju ju to you :) Love ya! Don't let me pass you on the scale

Robin said...

Unlike Alexis, reading this did NOT make me miss college! Good luck to you this week!

Leslee said...

Glad to hear that you're still ok after the whole car dealio. I totally understand your excitement to be done school for a term! It's been a few years since I graduated but I work with students now and just listening to them stress freaks me out sometimes. I'd loan ya my spare brain cells for your exams but I'm afraid I don't have many left after friday night.

Brooke said...

Yehahay! You have worked your ass off this semester in more ways than one.

I will definitely be sending the good vibes your way Angie!

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This is me now... at 160!
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