Today my scale was very very mean to me. Very mean. There are a number of possible reasons - I drank a bit this weekend, I ate not very well including a shit-load of diet soda which I know can bloat me. Around 5 last night I also realized I couldn't remember the last time I drank water outside of the gym and my pee was fluorescent, so I began a water torture regimen. I drank six bottles - 3 liters or 101 fluid oz of water and lemme tell you it's so clear I wonder if it really came out. So I know I'm probably not done peeing that out too... And most of all... I didn't eat enough the week before. I was going to either have to keep that behavior up or accept that I was not going to maintain. Although I would have liked to keep losing at the rate I was, because the numbers made me so happy, I also felt kind of panicked the entire time, panicked that I was out of control, panicked that I wouldn't be able to eat more when I wanted to, panicked that I was going to pass out during a workout. I don't understand this band of mine sometimes, but I accept that it's taken me on the right journey, and if I have to re-lose these four or five pounds so be it.

I mean it. I accept that this morning the scale said 173.4. This number will not last - I won't let it.

Happy Monday, everyone, here's to getting back on track!


RC said...

Laughing at the 'water torture!' and the flourescent comment - too funny! I'm sorry to hear the scale was mean to you but it clearly sounds like you've got it on track again. I also didn't think anyone else really felt the panic you mentioned. I know that affects me today - so its reassuring to hear it from someone else - and someone who is successful! I thought it was just me and that was part of the reason I've been such a slow loser. Makes me feel inspired that its all ok and that I can be successful too. Thank you!

Alexis said...

That water game is a bitch isn't it. It's also amazing what alcohol can do. Everytime I drink I always gain a few pounds too. But, dont worry...with the water you've been drinking and getting back on track you will be golden in no time :)

Brooke said...

Um, I am so glad I am not the only one who had a booze soaked weekend.

A friend and I got together last night, we both brought a bottle of white wine. There was no wine left by 9:30. So we drank a bottle each in a 1.5 hr time span. Great.

And now, at 11 am, I'm supposed to do an 8 KM practice run.


All this is my way of saying: I sympathize!

Nicole said...

Here's to kicking 173 in the butt!!

Gen said...

My scale was mean today too, I sympathize! It will come right back off, you have the right attitude!

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This is me now... at 160!
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