More Pics!

Hey Guys,

When I was home I went to a party called Business Woman's Special. It's a monthly dance party planned by one of my best friends Zack and his boyfriend Mike, and other than my inability to meet a man there it was an amazing time. There is a professional photographer set up with a photo-booth there, and some pretty hilarious photos were taken - here are some of them!


Kristen said...

WHAT A FREAKIN ROCK STAR! I loveeeee them all and YOU! xxoo

Amy W. said...

I love love love the picture of you posing by yourself bent over! Seriously your body look great! Wonderful!

Carmen said...

rocking the leather pants! Hot!! awesome!

RC said...

What awesome pictures! They are infectiously fun - and you look fantastic! Congrats on the 95lb milestone! Wow - that's a lot of hard work paying off there! Way to go!

Nicole said...

LOVE these pictures!! You look amazing! your pants are the best

Alexis said...

I love these! Look how cute you are! :) And great job on rocking the hell out of those pants! You look great!

Tiffani said...

Go on with your leather self!! DANG you look good!

THE DASH! said...

Oh look at you guys - all having the time of your lives.

Angie, you look amazing. The pants you're wearing - shiny and sexy. I love these pics. One for the photo album when you're 90 and looking back!!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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