Mind and Body out of Whack - and pics

I've done really well since my last fill. Really really well. Kind of scary well. Like I'm obviously not complaining, but when the scale said 170.6 this morning - aka .6lbs away from 100lbs down... It's all a bit overwhelming.

There is something about approaching this goal that is just so crazy to me. I set the initial goal weight of 170 because it was an even 100lbs down, and because it was closer to 150 than 200. I never would have imagined how good I would feel weighing this, and at the same time, how sure I am about wanting to lose a solid amount more - anywhere from another 20 to 35lbs.

I often feel like the image I have about myself and my looks and reality are out of whack, but here are some facts about all of this that I just can't deny:
-I am wearing size 29 or 30 jeans
-I have jeans that my mother, someone I would by no means have ever called overweight, was wearing last year.
-I am 7lbs away from having a BMI in the normal range.

I can't deny any of these facts. Obviously it is going to take some time for my mind to catch up with my body, and I am going to keep working and keep losing as it does.

Do you feel like your brain has trouble processing your physical changes? For me, remembering the actual facts helps - what helps you?


PS here are some new pics from my brother and sister-in-law's visit here with a bunch of their friends!

a group of us enjoying the sunshine on Tova's birthday

Becky and me on our walk on the rec path:

And out for Tova's Bday Dinner

My adorable nephew Tyler and my big brother


Carmen said...

wow, your success is awesome and inspiring!!!

Nicole said...

Wow Angie! Amazing, funny I just did a post how my head needs to catch up with my scale!!

Alexis said...

I totally have this mind set in my head right now too. When I look in the mirror and sometimes just on how I'm feeling, I at times still feel like I'm 305 pounds (don't get me wrong though -- there are days where I'm like DAMN I feel and look good).

You are a freaking 29/30 jean?! That's amazing!!!! I was happy the other day when I could finally fit in my husbands size 36 jeans! Ha! I'll get there soon enough :)

You are such a beautiful woman and are so inspiring. Only you can decide what you want your goal to be, but don't forget to really reflect on what you accomplished already :)

Linda said...

170! Are you serious- that's so amazing. The head stuff is always going to tougher to get through than the actual weight. We spend years building our fat girl persona's, so it's going to take awhile to get the image and brain together. You can do it though.

My word verification is headyn- weird.

THE DASH! said...

OMG Angie. So freaking proud of you! To have hit your initial goal must be mind-blowing and only 7 pounds from normal weight range? FAR OUT!

I think you're an incredible woman who's done incredible things. Love the pics too. You always look so damn happy in the ones you post!!

Camille said...

You have done so well! I want to be just like you!

Amy said...

Congrats! You are doing amazingly well and have no doubt your head will catch up with your rockin' body!

Gen said...

No Way Angie! One hundred! And the super skinny 170! Wow. I guess it takes a while for our heads to catch up with the scale - as Nicole said.

You look amazing. Can't wait for the 100 down post.

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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