What-Up, Wednesday

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, life has gotten busy! I started my new school on Monday and so far I have loved it. Some classes are more interesting than others, and I still have to buy my $232 business law text book - wah!

I am lucky to have a nice weigh-in this morning because I went out for a big dinner last night, although the band definitely stopped me from eating much, it was a bit hard to figure out what to eat. I didn't follow my instincts and just get an appetizer as a main, and it bit me with a bit of a pb episode.

My weight is now 184.0. 86lbs down, 14 to go. WOAH! Sure sounds like a lot, doesn't it.

Today is my day off from classes, and it's a day to finally get back in the gym, for personal training at 5 and phusia at 6. I am excited if a bit nervous to get my ass kicked!



BiancaJ said...

Hi Angie,

I've been following your blog for a while now (but was too shy to comment before :)). I admire all of the great strides you've made in your weight-loss. You look amazing and are certainly an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others. You'll be at goal before you know it.

Tomorrow is the big day for me and I'm excited and surprisingly not nervous at all. Just wanted to finally say hello.

Take care.

P.S. I'm a Toronto girl as well.

Amy W. said...

Hell no it doesnt sound like a lot! Like NeNe says...it's just a sparrows fart away!

Angie said...

I meant the 86 down seems like a lot Amelahhhh!

The Former Fat Girl said...

Angie you are doing great and I'm amazed how quickly you've made onderland yours!!
So glad school is working out and sucks about the books !! I get that too..this semester I got 2 $100+ books to buy..eek!!!
Keep it up I am so porud of you !!

THE DASH! said...

Damn fine job, Angie. You have rocketed away 86 pounds and are now on the downward swing to completion!! It's all very exciting!!!

Tiffani said...

Dang, 86 lbs ISSSS a lot! Great work woman! So proud of you!!!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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