I need to learn some coping skills.

I'm not joking. It's kind of ridiculous how upset I get by my fluctuations. I feel like even though I am doing well and accomplishing many things outside of my weight loss, my weight change is the thing I am putting an insane amount of value on. To that effect, when that seems to be slipping away... It kind of feels like the world is.

It was truly just a fluctuation. I wasn't even "perfect" this weekend -not by any means, right Claude? And my weight is still back down to 193.5ish. I don't know that I'm gonna stop the daily weigh ins, but I am considering it... I need to notice the trend, which is undoubtedly downwards.

I realize I'm crazy... I really support your sweet encouraging words.



Robyn said...

I can relate to putting too much empahsis on scale numbers. I think we all do it. Do you track your weight loss on an excel spread sheet or something? That way when you're feeling like the world is coming to an end you can pull up the sheet and look at the numbers and check out the graph. You could do daily if you don't want to give it up, or just weekly. Maybe you already do this, but if not, here is a link to a great spreadsheet made by Lise the Loser: http://lisetheloser.com/2009/03/10/link-to-free-weight-loss-tracker/

All you have to do is click on the link then you can download the sheet she already made. She has it set up for daily weigh ins (if I remember right) and it takes a little playing with to get it to weekly. But this is the one I use and I really like it!

Amy W. said...

Oh Angie what in the world am I going to do with you! Lookie...193.5! Do you see that number? That is fantastic and so much less then where you started! In fact, it is only 23 pounds or so away from your GOAL! 23 POUNDS! I want you to go back in your blog and find where you were hovering around 214. Member? You thought you would never get to 210. And then when you were hovering around 203? You thought the damn scale would never move to below 200...and IT DID! I have been thinking a lot about what in the HELL are we racing for? We all get messed up when the scale doesnt move. I can totally relate to the statement about the world being out of control when the scale doesnt move like we want it to. We just have to keep in mind that we will get there. We will. You will.

I love you pookums!

Tiffani said...

I get it, honey, I totally get it! BUT, with that being said.. it took you ALL your life to put it on so give yourself a little time to take it off.. it will happen!

And, yes, please come slap me in the face with this when I need it too!


The Dash! said...

Why does that happen? The scales go up when we are being good or semi-good then down when we least expect it. I think we need to take a dirty great hammer to scales across the world and pound our frustrations out on them. They do suck sometimes.
I feel your pain though. I feel like I have been stuck on the same numbers for weeks and weeks now.. I go up a little then down, then up then down and OMFG it's starting to do my head in a bit.
Just hang in there.. your body is fighting this last stretch but you can trick it.. somehow, someway it will happen.. you just need to find the key (and when you do, can you please share with moi?!! ta xxx)

Shels Kharma said...

Hi! I just wanted to drop in and tell you what an amazing job that I think you are doing- I am in very early stages of this journey, and have been trolling the web looking for info and inspiration. I happened upon your Blog several weeks ago, and have read it from begining to end. I just wanted to drop in and tell you what an insiration you are, and to encourage you to keep up the good work! I just started my own blog,(after being inspired by you and many other bloggers) and hope to be able to help to provide other people with encouragement in the future.

Good luck in the future!

The Former Fat Girl said...

Hey Angie- trust me you're not the only one. I think the reason you and most everyone else around here puts such an emphasis on those miniscule numbers is because we fought with them for so long and we were always at their losing peril, so now that we have control over them we want to HAVE IT ALL THE TIME !!! I know I do !!!...damn bastard scale !!!

Brooke said...

I'm with you. When I step on the scale and it's 2.5 lbs higher my day is SHOT. Sure, I know "mature" ppl realize their body weight fluctuates but it really pisses me off, too.

But Amy W is right- you have done so well and the trend is downward. Very, very downward!

(PS, only just now saw your post about men/sex and wt lss, I commented but the quick n' dirty of my comment was: WOW! Awesome post)

Natalia said...

I totally hear you about the scale. I am a little OCD when it comes to weighing myself (like 5 times a day), and of course I have an excel spreadsheet with graphs and everything. I have even tried to "fast" from the scale. I cant ever seem to stay away from it very long, and am definitely trying to work on just weighing once a week (or even once a day!!). I agree with Amy W., you have come so far and are doing such a great job!! Way to go on all that you have accomplished and the rest will come off too - hang in there! :)

meandmygizmo said...

I had to stop weighing daily it was driving me crazy!! I now TRY to only weigh on Thursday AM ~ long after the "over do" on the previous weekend and before the "over do" on the upcoming weekend. Weekends are my weakend..... ;-)

Roo said...

You are not in the boat alone Ang...we all go through this at some point in the journey (sometimes more than once)...don't be disheartened by the ups, we all know that the scales flucuate on a daily basis...and something that you might have eaten 4 days ago may not show until the following week and vice versa....look at the big picture and all the other changes that have come with the weight loss so far...the other changes in yourself (image, esteem etc) is just as important than what the scales say...hugs xxx

Jeff and Beth said...

I agree with Amy...at least in theory. I mean I agree and I can say the words but I don't live it either. I like you get so focused on the scale. If the number goes up I'm in a bad mood all day. This is a slow process and I also need to learn some new coping skills.

seckert08 said...

I say the scale is not our friend....thinking about throwing mine out the window. I've been losing the same 3 pounds for 3 weeks now!

YOU look amazing and I loved your vlog (I'm so far behind on my blog reading). You are so funny and I love your smile!

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

I agree w/ the above statements. But if we didn't put so much weight (haha) on that issue, it wouldn't mean so much, would it? We all started this to lose weight so obviously it's one of the most important things to ALL of us. Like Amy said, you've had these stalls before and you eventually make it through so just believe in yourself! Take a deep breath and put the scale away!!!

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This is me now... at 160!
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