A Plateau....

As I weighed myself this morning, and saw the oh so familiar sight of 200.6 - I realized yet another day has gone by where my weight has barely changed.  Although I did see 196.6 yesterday, that was extreme dehydration. Cause I got really drunk Saturday night. Shh. Don’t tell my personal trainer.  Other than that one aboration, my weight has been fluctuating between 199.2 and 200.6 since October 15th. A full two weeks, and even with the tiny fill I got I’m still not losing.  And I know exactly why.

ME.  I have a solid amount of restriction.  That’s not the problem.  Much more, and I wouldn’t be able to eat real meals.  So what are my issues? Snacking. Drinking. Eating sliders to avoid getting stuck when out.

Another one is I think I’m kind of comfortable at this weight.  No, it’s not perfect, but I think my body is pretty comfortable at this size, I think it might be my “set point.” More on set points that I totally stole from The Diet Channel:

“As if it’s not hard enough to lose weight and keep it off, now we know that many of us must contend with battling our "set point" too. The set point theory was introduced by a group of researchers in 1982. The basic premise of the theory is that the body has a built in weight regulating mechanism, largely genetically determined, that will tend to keep your weight in a physiologically established comfortable range. Many dieters contend with trying to drop weight beyond their bodies’ set point after following a healthy diet and exercise regimen for a time. Initially, for most, body weight will come off steadily and easily when following a reduced calorie diet and exercise program. However, for those of us with genetically determined set points beyond our desired weight goal, losing beyond this weight plateau can be quite challenging."

So if we combine that issue with the fact that I’ve been pretty naughty lately it’s clear I need to push push push to get through this.  Work-outs need to be kept.  I’m not going to make any big pronouncements about food, but I am saying right now, not a single caloried beverage other than lattes will pass my lips this week, no juice, no booze, no soda. I know I don’t need that stuff.  My only other rule is no ice-cream. I am willing to eat junk, but I want to at least give my band a chance, and with all these sliders it’s kind of hopeless. 

I’m also trying to celebrate the NSVs, cause there are tons.  I have another picture post to make with pictures from my actual birthday dinner and Halloween, and I also have some shopping to share and some clothes to give away! I have tons of math homework to do today... So you know I’ll be procrastinating!



Amy W. said...

I have always like the theory of set points. I bet if you do stick to the no calories drinking rule it will help. I think it will be a good week for us! and HEY, you say 196 yesterday...so....it was real!

The Dash! said...

Swear to God, Angie I am at the exact same point as you. I had a big loss after my last fill pushing me under the 200 pound mark (just like you) and although I did the exact thing the 2nd week.. well nothing. It's frustrating .. really frustrating. I was going to write about it also. We just have to figure out how to push ourselves down now. Sigh. Sometimes this is a pain in the ass lol.

momma2fi said...

Hang in there! You have come so far - don't forget that and don't lose sight of your goal!! YOU'RE DOING FANTASTIC!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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