A great day off... and almost there!

Hi Everyone!

Today and yesterday are my last "weekmiddle"of the summer - I go back to school next week, which means weekends off again! I'll still be working Sundays, but it's just part-time, so life will be pretty chill again. I can't wait to rejoin normal society that celebrates rather than dreads Fridays!

Yesterday I had an awesome day off. My cousin Rachel and I biked the entire Stowe Recreation Path. I just wikipedia'd it and apparently it's award winning, who knew. What I do know that it's five and half miles each way, and we did a round trip! It was easy there, and easy until we stopped for a lunch break halfway back - and then it was killer! My bum is so sore today! But I'm so glad we did it.

After that, we, with her hubby Ben and her 2 month old violet picked up her adorable boys from school and went to the Champlain Valley Fair. We had an awesome time taking the boys on kiddie rides, riding a few grown up ones of our own, seeing all sorts of animals - like the hugest frigging steer I've ever seen, weighing just under 4000lbs!

We also, of course, ate. I tried to keep it as reasonable as possible while also knowing that it's a once a year occurrence, and I may as well try to enjoy. We all shared a funnel cake, I ate about half of my small corn-dog (it got stuck, of course) and then a good portion of oh so greasy blooming onion. And then just mouthfuls of the kids candy apples, cotton candy and ice cream. I didn't feel too guilty about, between the bike ride and all the walking, I knew it'd turn out OK.

My tummy however, has not been so forgiving - I have a first date tonight and I'm really hoping I feel totally normal by then! Speaking of which, when do you ladies think you'd mention dieting/the band with a new guy? I don't want to tell anyone right away, but I know I'd definitely want to tell him - or any other guy once I felt comfortable, my eating habits can seem strange, and I'd rather him know I'm banded thank think I'm bulimic. Also, I know some people are like "guys don't like girls who order salads," but to me, that's a safe choice - I don't wanna have to be running the the bathroom to yak tonight! What do you ladies think?


ps I just checked the menu of where we're going and they have crabcakes - my bandster safe food, yay!

EDIT : I FORGOT TO MENTION - 210.6! .6lbs by Friday - I'm pushing for it!


Catherine55 said...

The dating disclosure thing is a tough one. Personally, I kind of would want to tell the guy so that he would know to stay tuned for me to get a better & better body as time goes on. But I also think that talking about weight is bound to make guys uncomfortable, at least at the outset.

I'm not sure what the right timing is. For me, it's probably at least the 3rd date -- or if I get stuck earlier and want to explain the situation. .

Have fun tonight! Take some chewable Pepto if you think it will help!

Amy W. said...

I am with Catherine on timing. 2nd or 3rd date or sooner if the PB monster shows up. Just go slow with the eating and hopefully you should be fine! I have not met this boy though, so I can't give you my blessing. So...you cant go. hahahah

jennyr1222 said...

Good Luck Angie!! So exciting. Since I have just joined this band and am not currently dating, I haven't thought through the "when" question. It's a good one though. I think if I was going on a date I would agree with Amy and Catherine. 3rd ish date. That way you've gotten to know them a bit and will be able to imagine how they'll react to the news. Have fun tonight!!

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Agree on 2nd or 3rd date. I'm a pretty open book and move fast so I'd know someone pretty good by the 3rd date. If I didn't like them, there wouldn't even be a 3rd date, ya know. So I think the BIG number 3 is good!

Oh and congrats on the long bike ride, awesome!

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This is me now... at 160!
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