A better day, a better weight... AND GOING HOME!

It's been a better day today, finally feeling a bit more human. I hate to think it's just cause my weight was back down to 207.4 this morning, but that and the fact that my monthly visitor seems to have finally left me have resulted in a shinier brighter happier Angie.

I've had a huge day so far today, and it's only half-ish done. I woke up at 7am, packed for my wknd away, did some last minute homework reading. Got to the gym at 9:15, did 20 mins on the arc trainer then a GRUELING session with my trainer (cause I'm gonna miss three classes this weekend.) Then rushed home, jumped in the shower, left home, rushed to class at 11:45 which I miraculously wasn't late for. Drama was fun, and my scene presentation went over well. Then I ran to English, sucking down a Starbucks protein shake in the middle - pretty tasty I might add. I escaped English half an hour early so I'd get here on time. I stopped at McDonalds on the way - I literally hadn't eaten a solid thing since 8:30 am and wasn't so much hungry as I knew I should be. Now I know I should have chosen nuggets - not perfectly healthy, but perfectly band edible. Nope, Angie wanted a cheeseburger. Even with half the bun taken off, even chewing till it was mush, it wouldn't stay down. Silly Angie. Rushed to the grocery store, bought a yogurt and a protein bar, which I am now eating past the security checkpoint because the nice lady took pity on me. Oh Vermont, how quaint we are.

Now I'm waiting for my flight to DC, which will board in about fifteen minutes. I have an hour layover there, so I'll prob get something to eat then - hopefully there's some sort of soup option somewhere, as my band is annoyed with me for trying to eat evil white flour and the like. Then finally fly to Toronto, home at 11:30pm. Hopefully it's all quick and easy, because this day is long enough without delay!

Lots of love,


PS Lizzie, I'll e-mail ya about the ADD stuff once I'm home tomorrow, I'm def very knowledgeable in that area.


Brooke said...

I hope the flight home was quick and comfy!

Let us know how you're doing with A squared :-)

See ya soon!

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

tHANKS SWEETIE! you did have an uber rushed day! Sounds fun though to get stuff done. I hope your enjoy your time back home. Nuggets go down fine for me too. I get the kids happy meal if I MUST eat there and when you shove it down in a measuring cup, 4 nuggets n the little pack of fries are about 1 1/2 cups of food. I don't do that often though. The fries are too yummy!

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This is me now... at 160!
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