So I'm stupid and forgot my BC pills in Vermont, but figured it'd be OK, I'd know I wasn't protected and start a new pack when I got back. Well apparently my weight loss has put my ovaries into hyper gear, because I got my period AGAIN today. Even though I just had it. I know this is what happens to normal people when they miss pills, but I used to be so irregular that it wouldn't happen. I'm trying VERY hard to see this as a good thing!


Amy said...

Well it means no Angie Junior in the oven...GOOD THING!

My period is coming earlier and earlier. It is weird-o. Before surgery I used to be like every 5 weeks or so, but NO schedule whatsoever! Now, it gets earlier and earlier by several days each month!

Tiffani said...

My weight never effected how my period came as long as I was on the pill. Off the pill and it was far from predictable. I had to go to the doc and say, "so, yeah.. haven't had my period since my last visit with you, a year ago..." It's a good thing, girly!! Embrace the visitor, LOL!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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