Recommitting myself! - BACK ON TRACK!

I am determined to get myself back on track with my weight loss. I am sick of fluctuating between 217 and 213 - I want to be solid with every pound I lose. To that effect, over the next few days I'm gonna push it a bit, diet wise. That means

- No drinking any liquids with calories other than milk. No alcohol, no juice, no soda.

- Focusing on protein - I know that the band is best used when we eat our protein first, and I haven't been.

- Majorly cutting back on carbs/starch - they can be small parts of my meal, but I should be eating them after veggies, which I should only be eating after protein.

- SLOWING DOWN - I have been eating too much too fast which makes me PB which makes me not know how much I've really gotten in - it's a vicious not to mention unhealthy cycle, and I need to cut it out completely.

I am feeling ready and committed to take these steps. I have 10 days until my six month bandiversary, and although it'd be wonderful to hit 210 - 60lbs down, my goal right now is at least to be steady at 212 - a weight I really should have hit a while ago. I hardly know what I weigh now it's fluctuating so much, so it makes it all a bit harder!

Hope everyone's great. Lots of love all around.


Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

YOu can rock this! good luck!

The Dash! said...

Isn't it good when we list all the things we as a bandster should be doing, then see it again in black and white? You sound committed so I just KNOW you will make it!!

Amy W. said...

Sunshine button, I havent watched your vlog from the other day bc people are around at work...and I forget when I get home. I hear you about the same couple of pounds. both you and I are stuck in the same situation. Hold fast. i am tring not to just eat whatever I want since the scale is being a pain in the ass! Remember we are on a weight loss cycle of some sort. But your game plan sounds great!

Brooke said...

I love the plan! You'll rock it and I think trying to get to a steady 212 is a great idea- firm up your base and then from there, with those good habits re-established you'll be ready to take on the next 12 lbs.

Awesome, awesome awesome!

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This is me now... at 160!
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