NSVs... The Spa Edition

Hi girls,

So working in a spa definitely has it's advantages. I have massages and facials and get my nails done pretty often, I get my eyebrows fixed for free once a week, etc. Before you hate me, remember that I work every single holiday imaginable, every weekend, etc. So this morning, to combat all the bloat before work, I booked myself a Herbal Fusion Wrap and a 25-minute massage. I've been waking up every morning with like back and ab pain from feeling so bloated, not unlike the post-op feeling, and I hoped this would help. It really did, and it also provided me with some NSVs...

1) I can wear a normal sized robe, no problem! For a while I couldn't get the normal one to even cover me up, then I could but the large sized one felt a bit more comfortable... Now the regular one is completely fine.
2) I can sit up/roll over/shimmy up and down completely easily on the massage table, no worries about flailing/falling/flashing.
3) I take up so much less space on the table, from left to right. My arms rest by my sides with plenty of room to spare. I used to find lying on my front really awkward on the massage table, and hard on my chest, now it's not!

I also wanna take this time to emphasize the value of pampering yourself and non-food based rewards like spa visits. Also, if anyone is ever nervous about getting on a massage table because of your size, DON'T BE. I wondered aloud about that once to one of best friends here, Shana, a massage therapist. I wondered if she minded working on fat people. She said not at all - first of all, they're such professionals, they see so many bodies in so many shapes and sizes. Also, she's told me that it's a lot easier for the therapist to work on a larger than average person than a smaller than average one - we're not all bony and unmuscly and hard to work on!

I truly feel like massage, especially when performed regularly, is an amazing way to connect to and appreciate and love our bodies. So if you can, find a great therapist, whether at a clinic or at a spa, and reward yourself for your victories, whether on or off the scale!



jennyr1222 said...

Love this post Angie! I'm a huge believer in massage and always have that uncomfortable feeling when my arms didn't quite fit on the table with me. I always have to tuck my hands underneath me so that they don't fall off. Thanks so much for your comments on my posts btw!! I'm feeling a bit better today. Still alot of chest pain (think that is mainly gas and the hernia), but feeling so happy that I'm banded!! xoxo,

Angie said...

Jenny - you should know that the therapist will always wanna make you feel more comfortable... One way to do that is to put a stool under your face cradle so that you can have your arms forward and rest them there- it's a comfortable position for lots of people, whether big or just busty!

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This is me now... at 160!
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