Shopping was a rollercoaster!

Today I finally had a day off- which was AMAZING. Just to not work and not think about work was great. I love my job, but everyone needs some time off!

I went to Burlington with my cousin Rachel, her six-week-old daughter Violet and my friend Shana. First we stopped at some outlets and I tried on a couple things at Ralph Lauren. Nothing looked good or really fit. MEH. Then we drove to Burlington proper and we started the real shopping. Old Navy was a total bust - I tried on literally 10 pairs of jeans - in sized 14 and 12 at Old Navy (I figure that's more like 14 and 16 at most stores.) I also tried on a whole bunch of tops. It was all kind of disappointing - the size 14 jeans were too big, especially in the legs and butt, but the 12s were still too small. Then with the tops, I was really hoping I might have crossed over to size L in some things instead of always XL or XXL. It's too soon, I know now. I have giant boobs, I'll probably always be at least a large in certain types of tops.
So that was it. Grant total at Old Navy - $2.50. New flip flops.

Then we tried the Gap. They're totally revamping their denim line starting next week, so they hardly had anything at all, but I tried a bunch of things in 14 and 16. The good news was that the 14s were definitely a better fit than the 16s. But alas. Nothing. I ended up buying a sweater just to make myself feel better. I know. I know. Shopping problem.

I tried J.Crew next because, as we all know, I'm obsessed. Alas I'm still a bit too big on the bottom there. The girl was super nice and tried to help me, but ultimately was like buy a skirt and come and see us in 20lbs.

I was ready to quit when I decided to try American Eagle. I've always loved them because they stock XXL and size 16 and 18 on their website. Sure I'd love them more if they didn't segregate us to only shopping online, but better than nothing, right? So I went in, and they happened to be having a denim sale - buy any 2 pairs of jeans and get 20% off them and the rest of your purchase. A really helpful salesguy helped me pick out 5 different styles to try in 12s and 14s - he really thought I looked more like a 12. I was in fact a 14, but I don't care cause these jeans fit me SO WELL. For so long I've had to put up with jeans being huge in the legs and bum to fit my big tummy. Being in plus-sized clothes made it worse - I just didn't fill them out right at all. Well these look great. I'll take some pics, but here are the styles I got:
The Slim Boot Jean and The Skinny Jean. The first pair is more comfy (SO stretchy) while the second is definitely more for dressing up. I'm just so stoked to have jeans that fit.

Ok so if you managed to read all that you deserve a prize.
What really struck me right now though - I'm "normal" right now. Sure I weight 218lbs and all that, but I'm wearing jeans and a tee shirt and a bra and underwear and all of them were bought at mainstream regular stores. That is crazy talk. I need to relish and enjoy this.

Night everyone - I'm off to put away my new stuff!



Amy said...

Yes that is so great that you are "normal" in size now. I long for that too! I will check out the jeans so you can mail them to me in a month or so when they are falling off your ass :)

And yes, your ta-ta's will probably keep you in bigger tops for awhile. BUT, Stacy and Clinton tell you to dress your bigger parts and get the rest tailored....have you ever done that? I haven't...but might have to!

Tiffani said...

Jealous... we weigh the same and I'm still floating around in plus-sized stuff. I'm firmly in an Old Navy 18 and probably XXL tops if I'm lucky but more like a 1 or 2x. GO YOU!!!

I totally want to see pictures of your purchases :)

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This is me now... at 160!
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