I posted this last night on LapBandTalk and realized it'd make a good blog entry! Amy sorry about Facebook chat last night, my iphone hates me.

Hi everyone,

Haven't been on here in a while and thought I'd check in to say hi. I've been having a wonderful summer, and although my weight is pretty stalled right now (finally getting my fill tomorrow) I have experienced a lot of wicked Non-Scale-Victories in the past few weeks and thought I'd share!

The first round happened at my cousins wedding which was on June 21st. It was a huge wedding - over 400 guests and I was a bridesmaid. I saw a lot of extended family and friends who hadn't seen me at this low a weight in at least 5 or so years... it was a great feeling and I got tons of really sweet supportive feedback, as well as some of the annoying - "good work, but don't stop now," or "I'm so glad you're finally doing it!" UGH. But the sweetest feedback I got that night was from my friend Danger Dave (this is VT -all the boys have funny nicknames.) Towards the end of the night, we were sitting outside, taking a dance break, and he said something about "you look great Ange." I said thanks - mentioned the professional hair and makeup. He said no, it was more than that... I can tell you lost weight. This was definitely a bold move on his part - asking a girl about that, even mentioning that elephant in the room. It was super sweet though, because he just acknowledged how hard that must have been, and how impressed and proud he was. Definite warm fuzzies.

It's kind of awkward to mention, haha, but Dave's not the only boy who's noticed a difference in me. A lot of them seem to be noticing me, period. It's funny - I'm still hanging out at around 230lbs, I've still got a long way to go weight wise, so what I think what these boys are responding to is the change in confidence I'm going through. I feel prettier, sure, but more so, I feel empowered, accomplished. It's wicked.

My third, and my most favourite kind, was my shopping NSV. I was in California last week and got to pop in to one of my favourite stores, J Crew. I love this store. Once I can fit into all their clothes, I'll probably be completely broke with a completely beautiful preppy wardrobe. I saw this cute high-waisted skirt, and thought I'm not 100% a 14 these days, but eh, might as well try. I looked, but alas, they didn't have a 14 in the colour I wanted. I asked a sales associate for help, and she told me they didn't have any. I decided to just grab the 12 to take in with me while I was trying on some tees. And guess what... The 12 fit great. GREAT. And although it is a pretty flattering and forgiving cut, I still can't believe it's only a 12. And as I was coming out to show my friends, the sales associate said "I knew it would fit... You don't look much like a 14 anyways!" I couldn't believe it. So of course I bought it even though I totally can't afford it. I pretty much wanna sleep with it on I love it so much!

Here's a pic of me wearing it for my nephew's first bday party -
Well that turned into a long long entry. Hope everyone's doing well and enjoying the sunshine!


Amy said...

OOOh...i love that outfit! I like the color combo...I will have to remember that. Too bad I can't talk to you anymore bc you are size 12. It's been fun, but now we are over!

Amy said...

Okay...I am over it now. We are bff's again. hahahaha

Sarah said...

that outfit is soooo cute! and you are looking great! I work in retail and I would have totally thought you were a 12 too.

lali said...

you look gooooorgeous!
Love the outfit!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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