In Vermont!

Hi Guys,

The drive yesterday went super well, no major traffic, no major fights. We ate at McDonalds on the way, and I had such an I love the band moment. Three chicken nuggets and about five fries and I was stuffed. It was so easy - there was no emotional drama, no nothing, just this is at the rest stop, this is what I'll eat.

We got to Stowe around 5:30, which also included a quick stop at a dairy-shop on the way where I had a fro-yo. For dinner we had yummy bbq chicken, bean salad, roasted sweet potatoes and salad. I was able to just have a few bites of everything... Which was great. I really think this restriction might be enough to really help me get to the next weight-loss level.

The other thing that's gonna help a ton is working. I start tomorrow, and for the next week at least, my schedule is 12-8 everyday (except Tuesday off.) I knew I'd be closing going in, and I really don't mind. I get to sleep in a bit, and then I can eat a meal before I go in at around 11, eat another meal when I have a break around 4, and then come home and eat dinner around 8:30. I won't be able to snack unnecessarily... Because there is just no way to do it. We can't have food at the spa desk at all, so I really think the no grazing - no handful of this here and a couple of those there is gonna help me out a ton.

My one concern is that I won't be able to get a big enough meal in before I start working as I find I'm pretty tight in the morning. Worst comes to worst and I'll start making myself shakes to take in.



Amy said...

and you know what's even better? You will be getting paid again...which I know for you means more shopping :)

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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