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Know what is really really difficult? Writing a weight-loss blog without a scale. Really, it is totally challenging. I can update you on my life - California was so much fun, I tried to surf and failed miserably. Whistler here in BC may be the most amazing place in the world and I'm truly struggling to resist the urge to just pack up and move out here. I have been really active here too which has been so nice, hikes and walks and white water rafting and boating down a river in a canoe and playing frisbee golf. Between all that and trying to make every food choice a well thought out one I think my weight should be going in the right direction. Alas, there are no scales. I may be going to a hotel for a massage and to sit by their pool today (all of my friends have to work here today, but one of them can get me a discount) so maybe they'll have a scale I can jump on. But that's scary. I have probably maintained, which would put me right under 230... What if their scale is mean and says I'm above it? It's only 2 days till I get home, I never thought I'd miss my own scale so much!

Well I'm off to enjoy the Canada Day sunshine... Here's a pic from out at the bar the other night, with my lovely friend Krista, one of my few real life friends who gets to read this blog, who is the beautiful blonde in the middle.


Amy said...

You can talk about anything here buttercup! We dont care. Or, speaking for myself...I DONT CARE! I like to hear about things going on in your life. Nice tan in the pic by the way! I have never been to Whistler but have had friends who worked up there and they loved it.

Your life sounds hard right now...lounging and sunning...ah to be you! Missed ya!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
with my bestest friend!

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