A LONG overdue Blog Post

Hey Everyone, and greetings from beaaautiful San Diego, California.

I haven't posted in way too long and I don't even know where to start. First off I'm doing well, according to the scale at the house I'm staying at I'm a 229 which would mean I maintained over the wedding weekend and my first few days out here, which I am completely happy with.

I've gotten some great feedback from everyone lately, which feels SO good. Both from people who know about the band and know I'm trying to people who I would never have thought would consider my weight. One such instance was at my cousin's wedding. One of my friends in VT who I hung out with a lot when I lived there, Danger Dave (don't ask) came to my cousin's wedding as he worked on a bunch of landscaping for the house and they were all invited. We spent the night dancing and drinking and having so much fun. At one point we were sitting on a bench and he was like Ange you look so good. And I thanked him, made a comment about getting my hair and makeup done. And he said no, it's more than that... Is it ok for me to say you've lost a lot of weight? I noticed when we were slow dancing. And although it was kind of awkward, it was also totally sweet.

I have been feeling all sorts of good feelings about this band of mine... Almost good enough to write poetry, but I could never do as well as Amy. I have stolen a bunch of pictures from the night before the wedding (green and white dress) .
the wedding -this is me and my friend/date Mark. Just a friend. I don't look particularily thin in the pic, but you can tell how much fun we're having!
and also took one of me in my new dress I bought here at Target yesterday that I'm totes in love with.



Mary said...

You look great!!! Looks like you did have a whole bunch of fun. I still feel weird when people tell me I look good, hopefully one day Ill get use to it.

Michelle514 said...

HIya, your pictures are wonderful! and I scrolled down and saw your old picture and WOW! you've done an amazing job! you've lost so much and I'm sure gained so much in return!!!!

So I noticed you and I actually live kinda close? or at least your hometown is close? U have it listed as ontario? I'm in Buffalo/Niagara falls Ny. pretty close!

And another thing, I couldn't help but notice (which I'm sure alot of people do as well) That you are large busted. I am too. I am however not banded and am still in the preop stages of my journey. I'm *PRAYING* that my chest size decreases as I loose weight. I'm about 300 lbs right now and I'm a g cup and i HATE IT. HATE HATE HATE IT. so basically what I'm wondering is... has your chest decreased as you've lost weight?

kEep up the good work!

lali said...

i'm loving your target dress!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
with my bestest friend!
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