Good morning, Bloggers!

It's 6:45am and I'm at work! Now all of those of you who think you are jealous of me for working in a spa can see the dark side to my sweet gig - I'm up for work at 5 at least one day a week. Which in my case is the morning after I saw Harry Potter till midnight and then had a visit from a gentleman caller (nothing too shocking ladies, if it were I wouldn't be blogging about it.) I am TIRED.

So this morning the scale had me coming in at 220.8. It won't be long now, and I am just so excited. I can't believe how easy it feels some days, when it is SO HARD (see entry, "So Hard" from like a month ago) on other days. This fill has made a huge difference for me, and personally speaking, I am so excited I went in for this one, and that my clinic fills so slowly and gradually. It's not that I don't have head hunger or interest in eating, like on my day off on Tuesday I definitely was doing a bit too much grazing, but when I'm working I just have no issue with the fact that I can't. A typical workday will look like this, eating wise:

10:30am - breakfast - often an egg and a piece of toast if I can handle it, or a bowl of cereal with yogurt.

2:30pm (on the days when I'm alone at the desk after 3.) or 4:30pm - break/lunch - I am typically either ordering a salad with grilled chicken from room service or eating a lean cuisine.

6:00pm - snack - I especially need this if I'm only getting my break at 2:30. I am not allowed to eat at the desk so I sneak tiny bites of a Luna or Zone bar. At least it keeps me eating slow!

8:30pm - dinner - Generally grilled meat or fish, grilled or steamed veggies and quinoa. I've learned I pretty much have to follow the protein/veg/carb rule - no pasta is working for me at dinner time, I just get stuck. I have to be really careful to eat slowly at this meal because I'm often pretty starving, the food is often already ready when I come home, and I can start scarfing and I get stuck.

That's a full day of eating. Sometimes it doesn't happen that way and it doesn't bother me... I ate a couple of bites of Caprese Salad before I left for work, a half a burger I got completely stuck on on my break going to our employee picnic, and a few bites of popcorn and milk duds. Obviously I know eating that way is not super healthy - thank G-d for my multivitamin, eh? But what I like about it is not really caring about food, not having it be a focus or a priority. It's a great mind shift for me.

OK that only took me twenty minutes. Only 7 and a half more hours to go (till nap time)!


Amy said...

I am happy that your band is working at it's full potential! You waited so long for it to really kick you deserve it!

How is everything else going in Stowe?

Anonymous said...

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This is me now... at 160!
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